The monkey’s butt

THIS IS A MUST WATCH! It explains in clear terms what the real stakes in 2012 are.


President Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod said today,

“Just remember, the higher a monkey climbs on a pole, the more you can see his butt.”

He was talking about Newt, which is just fine with the p.c. Speech Police, because it’s not racist to call a white guy a “monkey” or uncivil to call a Republican any damn thing that crosses your foul little mind.

If a Republican had said the EXACT SAME THING about Obama, Axelrod would be at the head of the pack screaming “RAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM!”

Nevertheless, Barack Hussein has been higher on the pole than Newt for a long time and … [delete delete delete] … sorry, I got way too graphic there for a minute!

Imagining myself as one of the millions of monkeys who have been stuck underneath Obama’s butt the past few years got me thinking about that scene in Shrek, you know when Shrek is climbing up to Fiona’s castle with Donkey following close behind?

Donkey sniffs the air, then yells,

“Whoa, Shrek, did you do that? Man, you gotta warn somebody before you crack one like that, my mouth was open and everything!”

[I looked all over for a wav of it to put here. Couldn’t find out. Dang.]

So speaking of Obamanomics … there were some celebrations when the unemployment rate dropped last month. But much of that drop was people leaving the labor force.

The official “unemployment rate” is not a counting of how many people who want jobs do not have jobs. It is a counting of how many people who do not have jobs are actively looking for new jobs.

Let’s say you’ve been looking fruitlessly for five months and realize you’ve exhausted every job listing in your area. Discouraged, you stop looking, at least for the moment.

According to the government, you’re no longer unemployed! Congratulations!

Actually, what happens is … they move you off the “unemployment” list and on to the “discouraged workers” list.

The current unemployment rate is 8.6%. But the real JOBLESS rate (including discouraged workers) is 11%. When you add in the “underemployed” — i.e., people working part time who want full time, and people working at jobs beneath their qualifications — the result is 20% or one in five.

That’s the number we should really be watching, hoping and praying will go down, because that is the number that represents real Americans who are not working at all or as much as they want or at the jobs they’re qualified for.


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