Do they think this will hurt him??

Below the video at YouTube, it says “DNC Web Video” … Legal Insurrection says, “Hard to know if the Democratic National Committee thinks it’s hurting Newt with this, or helping him.” Uh, yeah.


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5 responses to “Do they think this will hurt him??

  1. That’s hilarious. Newt should hire them to make all his ads! LOL


  2. Dee

    I have to assume that it’s actually a Newt supporter putting this out there. Other than the loophole bit it was such a positive ad!

    If it’s not from a supporter, then someone’s out of touch with America.


  3. The left is completely out of touch with normal people, and the most out of touch of them all is the leper messiah 0bama himself!


    • Amen to that, Zilla.

      Over the years, Newt has said a lot of stuff I don’t agree with, but this ad managed to pull together all the best things about him. It almost made me want to sit down and write a check to his campaign.