WE’RE soft?

This is the man who constantly tells us he will not rest until yada yada is solved, then immediately skips out to play golf and/or take yet another vacation.

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3 responses to “WE’RE soft?

  1. WTF 2012 is wrong with Camp David?


    The Obamas seem to be too uppity for spending the holidays here, I would in a heartbeat 😀


    • Ting

      Camp David does look like a beautiful place to spend Christmas.

      When I was in college, my roommate’s family spent every Christmas in Vail with long-time family friends Dick and Rita Bass, in their home there. The year that Gerald Ford became Vice President, my roommate’s family had to find a new place to stay. The Fords had a condo there in Vail, but it could not accommodate the Secret Service needs, so Ford and his family ended up staying in the Bass home and my roommate’s family was out of luck that year. They didn’t seem to mind too much, but I always was intrigued that they got to spend Christmas in such a lavish place other years. I’m fine right at home – happiest here, in fact.