Not as good as a REAL Grudge Report

But here’s an open thread for ya.

ITA with this commenter at

L.N. Smithee -As a fellow black conservative, nobody wanted to believe there was more to Cain than met the eye more than I did. The first two alleged settlements didn’t necessarily mean much. Sharon Bialek was the typical Allred foil — a worldly woman who has made big honking mistakes and should have known better, but who wants to blame everybody but herself. When Karen Kraushaar decided she didn’t want anyone asking why she asked for a JFK School of Business scholarship as settlement for a separate harassment claim, the whole distraction was dissolving into thin air.

Then, came the bombshell. No, not Ginger White; Cain’s brain freeze when it came to Libya. His sneer about not needing to know the king of “Bekibekistanstan” was troubling, but not fatal; his inability to articulate what his problem with Obama’s Libya policy was.

Ginger was icing on the cake, especially when he asserted that even though he gave her money, and they had a longtime “friendship” his wife was in the dark about the entire time, there was no sex. That crossed over into Clinton territory. The whole thing became a circus when Cain would announce that he was going to talk to his wife. What kinda BS is that, when the guy is treating a meeting with his spouse as if it’s an international summit?

I’m done with Cain. Maybe he and Mark Sanford could open up a pizza chain in Argentina.


Also, color me MEGA disappointed in Glenn Beck over this brain fart. As reported at Legal Insurrection:


Beck played the race card not only on Newt, but on me, and on you. How dare he say that my choice of Newt over Obama is a racial decision. Beck calls Newt a “progressive,” but Beck is a race card player, and unlike his accusations that Newt is a progressive, the title fits.

Right Scoop, which does not support Newt, reacts as I do:

I know Newt has his problems which is why he isn’t my primary candidate. And if you don’t support him in the primaries I totally understand. But to say he’s exactly like Obama, and on top of that, to say that a Tea Party member is racist for supporting Newt over Obama, that is absolutely absurd and in my opinion enough for me to discontinue watching Beck in any format, forever.


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  1. Ting

    Thanks, Chrissy. I gave up trying to understand Beck some time ago. I think I always understood Cain and I do not think he ever expected to get as much attention as he got when he started on his lark/book tour of running for President. He is a likable guy, a motivating speaker, and boasts an impressive record of career accomplishments, but that does not a President make. It is all very sad, really. If we had any decent candidates running for the GOP, he would not have gotten so far ahead in the polls and it may have worked out like he had planned. He would have sold some books, had a marvelous time at the debates and rallies, become a beloved political gadfly, and the target would never have been on him, because he would only be pulling 5% or less in the polls. I bet he is furious that the GOP candidates suck.