Politico going the way of MSNBC

I am disgusted that the media has succeeded in driving a good candidate like Herman Cain out of the race with weak, wholly unsubstantiated allegations against his character. The American people deserve better from the Fourth Estate. They bent over backwards to hide John Edwards’ mistress and illegitimate child while he was running for office!


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6 responses to “Politico going the way of MSNBC

  1. Pistol Pete

    I was going to post a thread about this,but Chrissy was faster.I know nobody ever reads these,but I feel a rant coming on.So the media jackals are dancing over another carcass.I think Obama was fearful of facing a non-plantation black who was head and shoulders above him in the intelligence department.The hackneyed charge that republicans are inherently racist would have gone out the window.
    We all know liberals have no boundaries when they set out to destroy their targets.It’s not enough to beat an opponent,they need blood.When you have a pack of media whores to do your bidding eagerly and a couple of greedy bitches willing to say anything for money its not that hard.
    I think Cain and Sarah Palin were the only two people Obama actually feared.They have both been forced to the sideline and we are left with a sorry lot to face a billion dollars worth of attack ads and a media willing to pay any price to protect their biracial wunderkind.
    Even if we get a majority in both houses,if this jugeared fraud is still in power it will be meaningless.He can push his agenda through his co-conspirators in the EPA,the DOJ and IRS.
    Romney seems to have been granted temporary amnesty from the media much as McCain did in 2008 until he got the nomination.Thats a pretty clear indication the media plans to pick our candidate for us again.It would appear that conservatives are going to be relegated to the back of the bus yet again.
    The message was sent loud and clear today;if the establishment GOP doesn’t ruin you,we will.


  2. Dee

    I always read and appreciate your rants, Pete! I just don’t always respond.

    That said…..I’m a wife and he lost me when he told us that Gloria didn’t know he was paying this lady’s bills. Affair or not, I probably wasn’t voting for him after that. I know he’s a different generation than I am, but if my husband pulled anything like that it would be cause for some serious talks. I need someone transparent.


  3. Ting

    I hate what they did to Cain, too, even though I don’t think I was going to vote for him. I have no idea who I will vote for yet. I just can’t wrap my head around any of them as being good at the job, but I have until March to decide, and it is okay if I only decide as I lift my hand to mark the ballot.

    But still, I hate this. It will take a very brave public servant to stick their neck out and want to run for office now. We are in a mess.

    And I always read everyone’s rants! Rants are good – they show how real people react to things, and this is good information. Plus sometimes it makes us feel a little better just to get it out. Rant on….


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I love it that we have the kind of healthy family environment here where we can dialogue AND have our frustrated outbursts tolerated for the mental-healthy venting they are. IMHO, our venting is not a sign of hate or bitterness, but of the depth of our passion for this beautiful nation we want so badly to preserve.


  4. Now what we need to do is insist, no, DEMAND that the media do due diligence on these accusations.

    Cain has been forced from the race, which is something that is upsetting to me. First, because He was the first Republican I have been able to truly support (as opposed to simply vote for) in a long time. Second, because he quit.

    I cannot argue with his reasons, they are the same reasons I will never run for office. I just cannot see putting my family through anything like false accusations brought on by an opponent who cannot meet me in the field of ideas. But Cain is smart. He should have KNOWN this would happen if he ran, and been prepared for it. His suspension of his campaign shows he was unprepared, which is quite regrettable.

    But I digress. The media should now be expected to follow-up on the accusations, and report the final truth, rather than let these issues fall to the side. Their accountability is something that every American should DEMAND, otherwise we will have a repeat of the 2008 elections, in which the media, not the people, chose their candidates (really, think about it. If the only acceptable answers to the question “Who should the next president be?” are Barack Obama and John McCain, something is VERY wrong in this country).

    They destroyed Cain’s chances. Now they need to prove that it was worthwhile, and not some carefully orchestrated hatchet job to ensure their control over the presidential race is absolute.