Photoshopping fun

I got this photo in an email from a relative. The kicker is my sibling’s grandson, so a something-something nephew.

The original is slightly out of focus and a tad overexposed from the bright sun, but the pose is SO good!

It is SO RARE to get a really good action sports photo, especially when the photographer is just amateur mom with a point-and-shoot camera. But this one is fantastic. So I did some photo-shopping on it.

I also did a gravatar.

This kind of tweaking is very easy for me to do. I’m seriously talking about 10 minutes tops. So say $5 worth. I’m just mentioning it in case you’ve got a photo you really wish was better so you could stick into your Christmas cards.


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2 responses to “Photoshopping fun

  1. Ting

    That was neat! I meant to say earlier that I am glad you had your phone call with your daughter and that Baby Bunn is doing so well now.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks! I’m still grinning over phone call and baby.

      Add to photoshop: Dearest asked why I left the arm in on the right side of the crop. I don’t think he believed me that it makes the image more dynamic. Try blocking the arm out with your hand. See how the photo becomes a tale of two little kids, a kicker and someone who is not much of a threat? Now let the arm back in and you suddenly have motion and some sense of threat to the kicker from two blue players rushing into to block him.