Is this really November 28?

I think that these will clash with my Christmas decorations, so I will follow Mother Nature’s lead and hold off a while longer.


David Austin rose






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8 responses to “Is this really November 28?

  1. I’ve still got a few tuberose blooming and I’m really enjoying the frangrance!


  2. JEALOUS!!!! Our summer was so short this year, we didn’t get pretty flowers. Enjoy them for me!


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Just don’t try to hold any global warming event … you’ll bring on a blizzard fer shure LOL.


  4. It’s been pretty chilly here, and we’ve already had snow, but when I looked outside this morning, one sweet alyssum plant in the back yard was still stubbornly blooming. And when I went downtown to mail a certain mysterious package to Integrity1st, I noticed that a couple of petunias were still blooming in front of the post office. Amazing.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I had pansies on Thanksgiving one year back in the 90s. I think that year was the one the warmists point to as “proof positive” of their dingbat theories.


      • I remember one year when we didn’t have a killing frost until November — extremely unusual for this part of the country. The reason I remember it is that my youngest daughter was taking figure skating lessons at the time, at the indoor ice arena at the county rec park… so I would get her all bundled up in her winter clothes to go to her class, and when I took her there, there were still flowers blooming around the other buildings at the park — and a pile of snow (from the zamboni) outside the building that contained the skating rink. It seemed so incongruous!


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Speaking of incongruous … one year, Dearest went to some family thing and got stranded by a record-breaking, unbelievably humongous, ice and snow blizzard that knocked out power and closed roads where he was staying.

    As I recall, it was early October and we had this balmy, beautiful sunny Monday morning on which I had to call his office and explain why he was not able to come into work. Fortunately, the secretary had seen the news! LOL