Lil Buzz Ancestor Found in Cro-Magnon Cave

Corporal K and Lil Buzz both inherited my hands. RE: images – The cave paintings are on curved surfaces, so I figured it was fair to distort my hand print to see if it fit. I did not alter the proportions of my print, merely used the “distort” tool on the corners of the image to see if my flat hand scan could reasonably be the same as the 3D cave paintings. Both fit perfectly!

I can’t help thinking our crooked pinky is somehow related to artistic talent. Corporal K is a gifted artist and, as young as he is, Lil Buzz has already done some finger paintings that are so beautiful, they really deserved framing … not just because we’re all deliriously in love with the little guy, but because they actually are good paintings! 🙂

Click to embiggen.



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3 responses to “Lil Buzz Ancestor Found in Cro-Magnon Cave

  1. Ting

    I am not sure if these are the same caves you saw on “Journey of Man”, because I think these were discovered just after WWII, but there is a neat video at this site:

    I couldn’t get the link to work just now, but it has worked before, so try it in a day or so. Maybe they are working on it. It is in French, but you can easily see the spot to click something like “Visit the Grottoes”. It takes you on a video journey through the caves and you can see all of the art. It kinda seemed like a journey through the human body at first, but the art takes over your senses. It amazes me that the creative spirit was so alive and vibrant, when one might think that all they could do was manage to survive.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I thought there were three sites in France, but when I googled just now, I found multiple web sites that said there are hundreds!

      Lascaux is the one I learned about in college art classes. The one with the hand like mine that I saw in the documentary is Chauvet, which was just discovered in 1994.


  2. retro grouch

    I too have the crooked little fingers – on both hands. My father had them, and his father, and all of his children. Perhaps we are related. If interested looking for connection email me at