We simply want a president

I’ve been really bothered by the spate of “Obama is going to win” columns I’ve seen sprinkled around the internet … on conservative sites! Sheesh. Who are these people who want to convince us our cause is hopeless? Huh? Democrat operatives? I mean, really.

What’s the point of nay-saying EVERY Republican candidate 12 MONTHS before the election?!

At this point in November of 2007, the top “shoe-in” contenders for 2008 were Hilary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. And look what happened the first week in December.

So what does THAT say?

And do we remember the uninspiring, fence-sitter these “conservatives can’t win” people on Left and Right gave us in 2008? There’s a reason for the “I voted for Palin” bumper stickers.

Anyway, the article below speaks powerfully to the nay sayers. We need to listen!

We’re Not Electing a Messiah By R. Clayton Strang – November 25, 2011


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6 responses to “We simply want a president

  1. I’ve also been really bothered by the “Romney is going to be the nominee” meme. I seem to recall the same thing being circulated back in 2008. Only time will tell.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m hoping and praying Cain will learn from his mistakes and rally. My Dream Team is still Cain and West, for their values and character and, I admit it, their skin color.

      I so want to see a black on black race that would maybe hopefully wouldn’t it be grand put the whole RACE thing to rest. I am SO SICK of Democrats acting like they own everybody with darker than me skin (and my gender).

      Sheesh. It’s so damned demeaning! Just a variation on the older themes of “minorities and women aren’t smart enough to vote.” Now it’s “minorities and women aren’t smart enough to understand the issues, so they need Democrats to tell them how to vote.”


      • That would be an interesting combo, but I like Allen West where he is…a black conservative in a primarily democrat area. I also think he has a lot to offer in terms of helping to write laws. He is one of the few people, though, that I would see being very effective in either the Legislative or Executive branches. I don’t see Cain picking him up for VP, because they generally choose someone who will add to their voter base. I suspect they may be too similar, but we’ll see!


        • chrissythehyphenated

          You’re way more politically savvy than me and probably right. I just like West for his military expertise, something (so far as I am aware) none of the candidates can bring to the Commander in Chief position.


        • Dee

          West gives Cain foreign policy chops, which he desperately needs at this point.


        • Good points, both of you. I’m sure they have their own internal polls that we’ll never see to help them choose a VP. I, for one, will be very interested to see who Cain chooses for his VP pick. Teeheehee.