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Let’s be logical

Before I act, I must first decide to act. Common sense tells me this is true, but I’ve also read about brain studies that show the brain lighting up before a person performs an action such as lifting one hand.

If I want to have the best chance of having my actions lead to good outcomes, then I must do a good job at deciding. Again, common sense tells me this is true and also, I have experienced that it is true in my own life.

If I want to do a good job at deciding, I need to reason correctly. Reasoning is the process of considering various solutions to a problem and then choosing which one is best.

Logic is the study of correct reasoning. Therefore, studying logic will help me improve my reasoning skills, so that I can make good decisions about how to act.

Logically, therefore, I conclude that understanding the structure of logical arguments will be very useful. 🙂

In coming days, I will be talking more about logic. Lucky you!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, God, that it’s less than a year until Election Day 2012!



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