Occubagger hits horse in face

I watched this over and over. The blow was very deliberate and carefully planned. Punching a horse in the face is beneath contempt; striking a police officer (which I believe police horses are) is a crime.  I really, really hope they catch this bastard. (Click graphic to embiggen.)



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5 responses to “Occubagger hits horse in face

  1. That innocent animal wasn’t bothering anyone. I hope the cretin who did this is visited very harshly by karma. Perhaps the riot cops should consider riding into those mobs on bull elephants. See what happens to those commie occupukes then.


  2. Why aren’t the animal rights folks calling for this guy’s head?

    (At a bare minimum, the creep should be castrated so he can’t reproduce, because only an idiot would do what he did. That horse is probably ten times his size and twenty times as strong.)