Another Occupy Idjit Heard From

I visited UC-Davis once, so when I came across a link to “UC-Davis Bicycle Barricade” I clicked on it. Here’s today’s erudite offering from “an asset to UC Davis.”

To spare you the loss of valuable brain cells reading this diatribe, let me assure you it is just another Occupy screed about police brutality yada yada in clearing a public area of yet another tent city.

I wasn’t going to bother you with it until I saw what this moron has posted in the upper right corner of his blog. The placement on the blog’s banner and the Capitalization Of All The Important Words leads me to believe this is The ASSet’s Motto.

“Against the Privatization of Education and Everything Else.”

IOW, he ardently supports

  • Government Control of Absolutely Everything.

YET, his lengthy screed to

  • Chancellor Katehi (aka, UC-Davis Government Overseer)

is filled with intense outrage that she had the gall to send

  • police (aka, UC-Davis Government Enforcers)

to force removal of

  • Peaceful Protesters (aka, Private Individuals Defying the Government’s Orders to Get Off Public Property)

with pepper spray, batons, and handcuffs.

Are you catching my drift?


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3 responses to “Another Occupy Idjit Heard From

  1. What a doofus. Sometimes I swear it feels like we’re reliving the sixties — Police Brutality! Pigs Off Campus! etc., etc., etc…..