Post op and doing well!! (Phew)

Thank you all for your prayers. Baby Bunn’s cyst got even bigger in the night. I’ll spare you the photos of the angry red with pus oozing out. Yuck.

She went into surgery around 6pm. The surgeon found the cyst was bigger and went further back into her throat than he had thought from the ultrasound, so they’re watching her very closely tonight and tomorrow. They did get it all out intact and so far, she’s got no swelling. Her internal stitches will dissolve; the external closure is glue, so she can have baths as soon as she’s in the clear.

She has been getting nourishment by IV only since midnight Thursday and impressed the hospital staff by being content with just her pacifier until her surgery.  I’m not sure when she’ll be allowed to eat; there are too many complications if she spits up so Mama is pumping and freezing her milk until the docs give them the go-ahead for nursing or a bottle.

This hospital is a long way from their home, so Daddy and Brother Buzz came up Thursday morning and stayed until after our Bunny Girl got out of the OR, then went back home again. Mama was so proud of how well our Buzzer did and I was really delighted to hear he got to be in Bunny’s room as much as he wanted. Wow … have they come a looong way in the past half century!

I was hospitalized three times before I was two years old. Each time, my mother dropped me off, staying only until I was safely out of surgery, then she left and came back 2 weeks later to bring me home. Trust me. Those six weeks left me with a lot more than just surgical scars.

Later, when my sister and brother each had to have surgery, my mom could stay with them for the day, but not at night. I wasn’t allowed in the building and could only wave from a courtyard 3 floors below.

When Mama Buzz was the exact same age as our little Buzz (the week of her second birthday), her 6-week-old baby sister had to be hospitalized for a few days. It was really hard on her. We could tell she was worried about her sister, but she was not yet verbal enough to understand our explanations.

I tried taking Baby Sister down to the doors into Peds and have Dearest hold Big Sister up so she could see through the little strip of glass where we were and that we were okay, but it clearly wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, one nurse was very understanding and let us sneak Big Sister on to the ward for a quick peek of our room. It was clear from her body language that it was the fact that our crib was still at home she was concerned about. Once she saw that baby sister had a real bed in the hospital, she was content.

I was allowed to stay 24-7, but I got charged by the day for the use of a really uncomfortable little roll-away cot for which I got one set of sheets the whole time we were there. Baby had a huge crib big enough for a dozen babies her size, so naturally, she insisted on sleeping with me. In a bed about 24″ wide on a mattress 2″ thick.

I also had to go to the hospital cafeteria to eat and to the Emergency Room waiting area to use the public toilet!I was exhausted, grubby and more than a little resentful that the medical staff didn’t seem to understand that my being there was as important for the baby’s recovery as their tests and medicines and that a little consideration for my well-being would go a long way.

Anyway, with my past, I am extra grateful that Mama Buzz has a nice chair that folds out into what she says is a comfortable bed, plus a bathroom AND they’re bringing food to her!

Mama Buzz sent photos from her excursions with Little Buzz on Thursday. She said they both got a LOT of exercise. He visited with his sister for a while, but once he was satisfied she was okay, he wanted to explore with Mama while Daddy stayed with Bunny.

This hospital is the same place Daddy and Lil Buzz were allowed to room in with Mama for labor, delivery and newborn adjustment time. LOOK at all this place has to offer families and children!  Here are the photos with our Buzz in them. There were others of rose gardens in bloom!


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8 responses to “Post op and doing well!! (Phew)

  1. Dee

    So glad Baby Bunn is doing well! We’ll continue to pray!

    My little one was hospitalized when she was 6 weeks old due to a fever. If she had been older we wouldn’t have gone, but the doctors said that infections can take a serious turn for little tykes so we needed to be there. Our children’s hospital allows both parents to stay the night, and siblings and other visitors are allowed during the day. The have a bed (albeit, very small and not comfortable!) for one parent and then a reclining chair for the other. Since I was nursing, I got room service for my meals, all included in the hospital stay. The only time I left the room was when my mom or mother in law came or when the very kind volunteer offered to rock my girl while I took a break.

    When my sister had her preemie in June, her baby was in the NICU for 12 weeks. Besides the parents, four other adults could be on the list to visit. Visitation was allowed 24/7 except for rotation changes twice a day. In addition, others could visit they just had to be accompanied by my sister and her hubby. Due to space constraints, only two people were allowed max at once.

    I am very glad things have changed. That sounds like it was horrible, Chrissy! I’m so sorry you had to experience that as a little girl.


  2. I’m so grateful that things are going so well! Prayers still for everyone until Baby Bunny is all better and home with Momma, Daddy and L’il Buzz.


  3. That’s great, Chrissy! Do they have any idea what caused the infection in the first place?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      She was born with a small lump that turned into the big cyst, so they think it was some pocket of maybe skin cells or something that went awry.

      She was doing well enough Thursday evening that Mama took Lil Buzz home and Daddy is spending the night. If Bunny is still doing well Friday a.m., she’ll be released! Yahoo!

      So far as I have heard, now that the cyst is out, she’ll be fine, though I admit I’m expecting she may have a round of thrush after all those antibiotics.

      My 6-week-old’s hospitalization was the same as Dee’s. “Due to a lack of age” is how the pediatrician put it. She had a spinal tap and blood drawn, then they slapped her full of a powerful antibiotic in case she had something horrific like spinal meningitis.

      Her tests all came back okay, so the Dx was “probably a virus”. She had had Rh disease at birth and was still anemic, so that probably contributed. All I know for sure is that the antibiotics opened the way for a bad thrush infection that me and Dearest both caught from her, so we were all on Nystatin for weeks. Yuck.


  4. Yes, hospitals certainly have changed, thank heaven. I remember my mother being in the hospital for ten days after my little brother’s birth (standard stay for a normal birth back then — hard to believe! Nowadays they kick you out a few hours after a vaginal delivery!) — and I wasn’t allowed in the hospital at all. (I was 3.) It was so cruel, but that was the way things were back then. It certainly did nothing to foster good relationships between the older children and the new sibling, who had just deprived you of your mother for what to a small child is an eternity.

    Anyway, glad that’s all in the past. And I’m delighted and relieved to hear that Baby Bunny is doing well, and Little Buzz as well. (It’s all probably been harder on Mom and Dad than on the kiddos.) Baby Bunny is absolutely adorable! When do we get a photograph of her in the bumblebee shirt to add to our sidebar? Or should it be a bunny costume?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest’s grandmother told me she was kept in bed for 10 days after each birth and was so weak on getting up that she fainted. She had a wonderful sense of humor and on hearing how I’d been forced to get up and use the toilet within hours of delivery declared, “It was probably being in bed for 10 days that made me faint!” LOL


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Mama told me she’s already gotten a girlie outfit in a honeybee print (6-9 months size) for the mascot pic. But now that we’ve all slipped so naturally into calling her bunny, which goes perfectly with our theme!, maybe we oughta think about a little hoodie with bunny ears in newborn size. :)))