FOX News poll: Obama and the Economy

This poll appears to have been well conducted. Specifics about methodology are at the bottom of the graphic. (The numbers on my graph don’t add up to exactly 100% because of rounding. I’m more interested in a general comparison than mathematical accuracy.)

I found the three question I graphed the most interesting, because I think they demonstrate very clearly the lingering fear people in this country have for being accused of racism.

The first question is very personal, asking for an expression of approval or disapproval of our First Black President. The responses to this one have the lowest disapproval and the highest don’t knows of the three questions.

The wording of the second question distances the respondents’ opinions from Black Obama by asking about a vote of confidence for the current White House. Yet it is actually asking the same thing as question one. It is Barack Obama’s White House and a vote of confidence is an expression of job approval.

Look at what happened when they changed the wording from approval for the Black President to confidence in the White House! (And they say Americans are racists. Pshaw. What we are is deeply afraid of being perceived as racists.)

Personally, I think the third question gives the clearest picture of what registered voters are really feeling about Obama’s leadership right now. In 2008, while the war was the big issue, McCain was leading. Then the economy collapsed and all of a sudden Obama surged into the forefront.

I think it’s facile to think you can separate Obama’s leadership from the thing he was elected to do – i.e., fix the economy. Therefore, question three asked the same thing as questions one and two, but it did it without mentioned the Black President or his White House.

Here, where people felt really free to say what they believe, both approval for Obama and the number of don’t knows are at their lowest.

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4 responses to “FOX News poll: Obama and the Economy

  1. Interesting analysis, and I think your interpretation of the responses is right on the money. People are still terrified to criticize little Barry, for fear of being thought racist… the result of years of indoctrination in the public schools, being told what a horrible racist country this is. When I was a kid I thought America had invented slavery — I was nearly an adult before I found out that for most of human history, slavery was pretty much universal, and seldom questioned. It was white Englishmen and Americans who GOT RID of slavery.