Latest Gallup political ideology poll

I have four thoughts about these statistics. One, women are in the majority, so let’s STOP allowing Dems to treat us like helpless victims. Two, whites are way in the majority and the President is non-white, so let’s STOP allowing Dems to condemn us as a racist nation. Three, Democrats are not representative of mainstream America, but we knew that. Four, what kind of brain-dead noodlehead Democrat self-identifies as Conservative?!


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2 responses to “Latest Gallup political ideology poll

  1. You know…my neighbor’s husband is a Democrat and has been his entire life. His parents were Democrats. He won’t even remotely consider voting for a Republican. She, on the other hand, is just he opposite. So, of course, we talk about politics all the time, because the topic is completely off-limits in their household. She tells me all the creative things she does to prevent him from being reminded that it’s election day each year. I shared with her the study about flying the American flag and its influence on people voting Republican, so she flies it religiously every day.

    Here’s the thing…her husband is a banker (you know, one of those EEEEEEVIL ones!)…he’s anti-union, pro-guns, Christian, you-name-it. The list goes on and on. Just this morning, it came up that she and her husband both left home after high school (for college) and never moved back. My husband and I were exactly the same way. So, they’re definitely the independent, self-sufficient type. My only response was to ask her the EXACT SAME question I’ve asked a hundred times before…”Is he sure he’s a Democrat?”

    Sometimes, change can be difficult, but it’s definitely time to leave this cheese station and move on!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Your neighbor sounds like she’s a lot of fun! Love the flag and “election day? what election day?” things LOL.

      This guy sounds very ripe for a reality check about the modern DNC. Perhaps you can direct your neighbor to Chrissy’s Site Bites.

      Maybe one or two of my graphics that show their support for the wrong side of his hot button issues would somehow find themselves mixed in with his mail or fall out of a magazine or newspaper. ::snort::

      I heard back from a friend who has been dialoging with a neighbor who works in a very pro-Dem, anti-GOP office. She was feeling besieged and didn’t know what to think until my friend passed on a Site Bite that provided hard data about her hot button issue. It made a huge difference.