Sheriff Joe’s “Cold Case” posse is investigating Obama

Sheriff Joe (Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio) has set his “Cold Case” posse to investigate the authenticity of Obama’s birth records, whether Obama is using a stolen Social Security Number and if Obama Sr is his birth father.

Sheriff Joe has been a controversial character and magnet for national media for years. But since he launched this investigation of Obama, the same Laughing Stock Media that can’t get enough of vague, anonymous slander about Herman Cain are nowhere to be seen in Maricopa County.

I’m having flashbacks to them digging through the Palin’s (literal) garbage trying to find a scandal, any scandal, while totally ignoring at least half a dozen Obama-related, stinking-ripe scandals that were lying right out in the open.

“If the mainstream media thinks our investigation will go away if it remains unreported,” Sheriff Joe says, “They’re wrong. The investigation is proceeding, and I fully anticipate we will publish a report early next year.”

Sheriff Joe is famous for being tough on crime and, what with Maricopa County being so close to the Mexican border, fighting drug traffic is a big part of his job. He’s good at it, so is used to getting death threats from drug cartels.

These days, though, he’s also getting death threats from Obama loyalists. He says he’s surprised the Obama-phile threats are as bad as those from the vicious drug cartels. I’ve got no love for Leftists, but even I find that disturbing.



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6 responses to “Sheriff Joe’s “Cold Case” posse is investigating Obama

  1. Ting

    I can’t imagine what he will find. I don’t know why he is talking about it because he is just giving them a heads up to make sure everything is good and scrubbed. If he had done this quietly, and only released the information once he had it all verified I would have more respect for it. But as it is, it seems more like a publicity stunt to me. I hope that I am wrong, though.


    • It does seem weird to announce it like that.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I left a lot out. The announcement was about officially demanding that the White House comply with the investigation’s need to allow independent document forensic specialists to go to Hawaii and examine the original pen-and-ink copies (if they exist) and the original FULL REEL of microfilm on which the Nordyke twins’ births are recorded.

      One point Sheriff Joe made (that I left out to keep it short) was to explain about the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates, for which the public has been given access. They were born a day or two after Obama supposedly was, but their certificates have lower numbers, which shouldn’t be possible.

      Hawaii put birth certificates on to microfilm way before Obama was a somebody. If his record is legit, it should appear on the reel with the Nordyke twins. The demand for the full REEL (not just a microfiche of Obama’s cert) is that it would be very much more difficult to forge the reel than to forge a single image.

      There is no question the White House has ONLY released digital images which they claim are scans of the allegedly authentic short and long form certificates they won’t let anyone see.

      There is compelling evidence that BOTH of these digital images are forgeries. (There are actually three images – the short form exists in two variations – but that is another story.)

      I was able to tell all by myself that the later, long-form image (the one Trump’s yapping got us) was a photoshop and I’m only an amateur at photoshopping.

      However, since I’m interested and can understand the discussion, I read all that I could find by the real experts. I can assure you there is little to no question that, whatever circumstances surrounded Obama’s birth, the digitals are forgeries, the production and publication of which constitutes multiple felonies perpetrated by Obama and his staff.

      One reason I find this issue so compelling is that it’s simple. The average American cannot follow a lot of the big issues (economics, budgets, tax structures), but we’ve all had to produce our birth certificates for various reasons. Plus, many have experienced identity theft and been harmed by it. We do care about character; if Obama has been lying about his origins and forging documents to cover up those lies, we both want to know and can understand the issues involved.

      Apart from everything else, it makes me very suspicious that Obama’s lapdog media has made such a point of ridiculing the birther movement and characterizing as Whacko Conspiracy Nuts every person who even wants to just SEE the damn paper. If there’s nothing damaging there, why go all Alinsky about it?


      • Ting

        Well, I feel better now that you have explained the whole thing. Or rather, I should say, that I feel worse about forgeries, but better about Sheriff Joe.


      • Thanks for the info, Chrissy. I haven’t followed the controversy very closely (there are only so many things a person can stay on top of), but I’m always interested to see what other people’s research has uncovered.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Bob – IKWYM. I have a short list of “Things I Follow” and a long list of “Things I Ignore So I Will Have Time to Understand the Things I Follow.” This is one reason it is so valuable to me to have youse guys feed me links to extra good stuff that I’d miss otherwise cuz of it being on the Ignore list.