Proof of an underlying single agenda

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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When I was looking for a graphic to illustrate the Broaddrick section, I saw a blog about how “right wing extremists” were so over the top in their outrage over her rape charges since, golly, the statute of limitations had run out already. Wow.

And get a load of the biased photoshop TIME used … Thomas has his lips pursed in that way people do when they’re trying NOT to say something while Hill is posed in a way that makes her look fearful of him. Sheesh.

It just boggles my mind that if a Democrat has been charged with rape, it’s all yawns and crickets, but if a Republican maybe indulged in the kind of sexually-laced, office water-cooler jokes that were standard when I was working, OMG! he should be drawn and quartered. It’s SO hypocritical!

More importantly, it does a serious disservice to the real victims out there.


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3 responses to “Proof of an underlying single agenda

  1. According to Cain’s FB, he had his best fundraising day ever yesterday. I don’t think it’s working, at least not with those who already supported him.


  2. Ting

    Gosh, the way Time set up that cover says it all. Thanks for putting all of this together!


  3. Pistol Pete

    I’ve always said I would believe the media was not biased if a woman from W’s past came out and accused him of sexual assault 30 years earlier and the media would ask him ONE question ONE time and never breathe another word of it.We all know what would happen.