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The Halloween Milestone

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This is the third consecutive year that the federal government’s annual budget deficit has clocked in at more than $1 trillion. Republicans are NOT the problem!



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Funny stuff

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I just added a couple dozen items to my Real Signs album at Chrissy’s Site Bites. It’s a tough call, but I think this is my favorite.

Real Signs album @


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Holding my breath and crossing fingers and toes!

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A couple of days ago, I tried to download the Windows 7 driver for my scanner. It said it would take 4-1/2 hours. Today, it downloaded in 29 seconds.

It also installed and runs properly, but that’s “old news” since we’ve had Mr. T operating beautifully for ages and ages. Or a week or two anyway. Definitely since he got his shiny new Windows 7 upgrade. Ha!

I’ve attached photos to email and done some work organizing Chrissy’s Site Bites. Now … following a cuppa and some personal locker room style pep talk about having a Positive Attitude yada yada … I’m going to try posting. With a photo.

Sorry, not Baby Bunn yet. I have to go to my much neglected AOL email which I took a glance at … 400+ emails … and promptly tucked tail and ran. I think I’m suffering from Post Computer Upgrade Trauma. At least, I HOPE it’s ‘POST’ … sigh.

Holy guacamole! It worked!

Note to self: Do NOT hold breath while waiting for WordPress to upload.

I found this photo in the bazillion and four family pics I hadn’t looked at yet. (We all take pics … family gatherings look like a media photo spray event with all the cameras!) Anyway, it’s something Dearest took … I think at Alexandria Bay in upstate New York. I love it not only because it’s just so darned cute, especially with Daddy Duck looking like he’s laughing! but also because when the girls were in school, Dearest volunteered as often as possible for parent duty on field trips.

Okay. Enough chat. Now comes the acid test. Will this publish ….


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