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First,thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.Never doubt the awesome power of Almighty God.

Yesterday I turned in my fuel card and the office keys.I got up about 3AM,as usual and started looking through the ads online.God led me to open an ad on Craigslist for home delivery of the Chicago Tribune.The hours are about 3:30-6:30,7 days a week.The pay isn’t much less than I was making working 50+ hours doing transport.

I called the number listed to leave a message and a man answered the phone.We talked for about 20 minutes and I assured him of my dedication and committment.He said I was the first response to the ad and I start my new job at 3AM Monday.

Being part time,I can still look for something additional during the day,but having a steady income means we’ll make it.I refuse to believe its anything short of a miracle.

I’ll begin posting my report soon.I started posting on e-bay last night and will put some more up today.Check the link below then click on ‘see other items’ to see how I got my nickname.The coffee tastes better this  morning.God Bless all of you.I’ll be back soon.

Here’s the link:



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