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As most of you know,I’ve worked as an independent contractor for a transport company that provides rides for medicaid patients the last few years.Yesterday the owner called me into his office and told me we’re shutting down as of Friday.

The state of Illinois is in arrears in their reimbursement payments to us to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.The owners have exhausted their credit with the banks and our suppliers and now its come to the end.They said we could start up again if the state sent us enough to cover payroll,insurance and fuel.

The problem is Illinois is billions in debt due largely to exorbitant pension costs.I doubt paying their small vendors is much of a priority.Like a mobster who owes money to a bookie–its cheaper to kill him than to pay him to  wipe out the debt.

I exhausted what unemployment benefits I had before I got this job two years ago.Since we were not employees,the owners paid no tax,so we have no claim to benefits.I have enough in my savings to last about a month,then I’ll be penniless.My wife has worked part time for years and will be receiving social security probably starting in December.Still not nearly enough to survive.

I’ve done one kind of work all my life and my age and physical condition limits my options.None of our children have spare room and I wouldn’t ask them anyway.I’ve been to every public housing facility in the city and I can’t live like that.

I may be able to pay for my cable and internet access for another month before I go under.After that I just don’t know.

Its been a fun ride,and I loved posting here every day.Unless a miracle happens in the next few weeks,I don’t know.I just don’t know.

God bless and keep you all.


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