My garden, what there is of it

My garden was nothing to brag about this year, due to a number of factors. First was the terrible economy, which left me with very little money to spend on plants (and my record of success in growing things from seed is abysmal). Second was that I got a very late start, as I had to wait for the places that sell plants to mark everything down to half price. Third was a combination of uncooperative weather (including several hailstorms) and frequent neglect on the part of the gardener (i.e. me). Let’s just say it wasn’t one of those summers that I would have wanted my yard to be on the Garden Tour. Still, there are some places in it that are quite pretty… so I had my teenage daughter go out this afternoon and take some close-up shots of the parts that are actually worth looking at.



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4 responses to “My garden, what there is of it

  1. Ting

    Well, BOB, I don’t know what the overall landscape looks like but you have some beautiful plants. I think it is so cool how the name of the plant pops up when the cursor hovers over the photo – I had no idea! I have never seen anything like that very purple geranium. I don’t think we grow anything like that here in Virginia. The periwinkle vines on that really cool rock are stunning, too. Thanks so much for showing these to us.


    • Thanks, Ting! A few years ago when the economy was much better and I didn’t have to pinch pennies, I had the slopes in my back yard terraced — you can see part of it in the periwinkle photo, but I need to try to get a better picture of it so you can get an idea what it looks like. It was a great idea in theory, but in reality it means a LOT of garden space to fill up. My long-term goal is to get it all planted with perennials.

      The purple geranium is called Rozanne — you can read more about it here. I planted a bunch of them back when I had the slopes terraced. They’re not cheap, but they are very hardy, even in Wisconsin, and they bloom like crazy all summer long — so they were worth what I spent for them. If I can afford it I’m going to plant more of them next spring, because my garden still has a lot of bald spots to fill in, and I love things that are low maintenance. (Also, purple is my favorite color :-))


      • Ting

        Yes, Violet, I can easily understand that purple is your favorite color! Thanks for the link. I will try some Rozanne geraniums next year. The best part of gardening is hoping that next year it will be even more beautiful, don’t you think?


        • Yep — every summer I’m always thinking ahead to the next summer. 🙂 And I learn a lot from my mistakes and failures, of which I’ve had many. I hope you will have as good luck with the Rozanne geraniums as I have. Apart from watering them when it gets dry, I have given them no special care whatsoever, and they just seem to thrive on neglect. There aren’t that many perennials that start blooming in the spring and keep on blooming right up until everything freezes, so when I find one, I get very excited!