Jan 2007: Swine intervention in Texas

This video has been making the rounds of email lately, maybe because it’s so outrageous, funny and Ground Zero Mosquey relevant. I have been unable to find an update on the situation. If anyone can find out what’s happened in this, PLEASE post it!

In my liberal (aka, stupid) days, I’d have been very uncomfortable cheering on an in-your-face redneck, but damn … this whole thing stinks to high heaven. And I don’t mean of pig poop!

I think these Muslims were doing the same thing in Texas that they’re doing at Ground Zero … deliberately being confrontational with Christian Americans in order to get legal precedents in place that allow them to take over our way of life.

It’s working elsewhere and, if Obama has his way, it’ll work here. To which I say … hell no!

So score one for me embracing yet another aspect of my Right Wingnuttiness. I want to put 5 bucks on Pig #4.


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6 responses to “Jan 2007: Swine intervention in Texas

  1. I just can’t get over how bizarre it is that Muslims would buy property adjacent to a hog farm in the first place. What were they using for brains?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Exactly. They’re not that stupid. I think it was deliberate. This thing got me and Dearest into a big discussion about turning the other cheek and I had some insights I need to think through, get blogged. I think we’ve been rolling over and letting people like this bully us not because it’s what Jesus taught, but because of bad teaching about what Jesus taught.


      • I just told my husband last night, after showing him the video my friend had sent me, that if they just wanted land, they’d take the $1.2 million and buy somewhere else. This is, I think, just an effort to see how hard and how far they can push. If they succeed, and a beachhead is established, the next move will try to push even farther. Someone has to stand their ground, and push back! Yay, Texas!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    bob … I love the new Book Exchange illustration. The other one was lovely too, but this is outdoors, so seems more right for us.