PoliNations’ Picnic: The Hyphens will do chicken bar-b-que

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Every Saturday around here, some local charity group uses the pit at Clark’s to cook up chicken with Cornell Sauce. The aroma is heavenly and draws people for miles around.

Dearest is an old hand at the charity pit, so I know we can trust him to whip us up some moist, mouth-watering chicken.

Those of you who think red sauce is the end all and be all of bar-b-que will have to suspend disbelief and just give our favorite a try. It is SO DELICIOUS!


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4 responses to “PoliNations’ Picnic: The Hyphens will do chicken bar-b-que

  1. Dee

    I’m from KCMO, I’ll have to take your word in the non red bbq sauce. I don’t know what to bring to the picnic – cheesy potatoes? I’m not much of a cook, my husband does most of our cooking!


    • Well, ask him for one of his favorite recipes! (Or is he one of those cooks who doesn’t use recipes?)
      p.s. I love cheesy potatoes!


      • Dee

        He’s one those cooks that changes everything each time and rarely uses recipes. So even if I love something I’m not likely to really have it again in it’s same form because he never really remembers what he did.


  2. Gonna try this one, thanks Chrissy !