An enlightening combo

I’m reading Coulter’s Demonic (2011) with breakfast and Lewis’ Screwtape Letters (1942) at bedtime. (I routinely do non-fiction/fiction like this.) These two make a particularly rich and fascinating combination!

For example, Coulter talks about the characteristics of mobs and how Democrats display these traits. Screwtape counsels his nephew on how the Lowerarchy uses mob mentality to win souls for Hell and warns him to keep his patient away from facts and logic.

There’s a fascinating passage in Screwtape about the two types of religious people who believe in a cause. In his case, the prominent national causes are Pacifism and Patriotism (anti and pro war), since the book is set in WWII England.

But everything he says applies to the Social Justice types today who bleat about human rights and the sanctity of life while holding candle vigils for condemned murderers but refuse to lift a finger for the unborn.

Some believe in the cause because their church’s beliefs tell them it is right. The other type affiliates with the church because it provides support for the cause.

Screwtape tells the nephew it doesn’t matter what cause his newly-Christian patient joins — Pacifist or Patriot — provided he be brought round from putting God’s teachings first to using God as a prop for the cause. I was reminded immediately of people like Fr. Pfleger and Rev. Wright.


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2 responses to “An enlightening combo

  1. Did you pair those two books deliberately, or were they just what happened to be at the top of your stack? Either way, sounds like a good pairing! I love C.S. Lewis, both his fiction and his nonfiction, the books he wrote for children and the ones he wrote for grownups. And I love Ann Coulter — she’s one of just a few columnists that I always read, and I usually end up forwarding her columns to friends, if they haven’t forwarded ’em to me first.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Just happened! But I often find God doing “coincidental” things for me :). It’s like finding a love note from your Mom in your lunch bag.