How to win a war

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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I think I was led to this by a Higher Power. My usual habit is to log on, check out Fox News (my home page), then zip on over to the Grudge Report.

Today, I felt a kind of “check” when I went to click on my PN bookmark and instead chose Legal Insurrection. Then I did something I almost NEVER do anywhere but here. I clicked on comments.

Someone posted a link to this article and the guy just made So Much Sense. I’ve been wondering a lot lately, shouldn’t we just take whatever we can get and move on? Focus on 2012? I mean, why worry about future this or that. If we take over Congress and win the White House in 2012, we can scrap all the Democrats’ bad legislation anyway, right?

But I’m partial to the Tea Party and suspicious of the entrenched Republicans, so … just wondered. Not that I can DO much but shoot my graphics out into the ether. But like I said, this guy Made Sense. So this is me, launching a graphic. Vroom!

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