Bragging on me! (And Dearest!)

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This is what I made for Tech Guy, to thank him for fixing up my new-old laptop! It’s named for his parting shot the day Dearest dropped the machine off at his house. LOL

I am super duper proud of how this set came out. And also of the FANTABULOUS photos Dearest took of it for me!  Photographing shiny and translucent materials is really tricky. He did several photo shoots in different parts of the yard at different times of the day. Then he gave me 30+ photos and I picked the best of them.

I’d expected the best to come from one shoot, but in fact, they came from EVERY shoot. I am so blessed to have such a supportive spouse who would put that much effort into getting me the best possible images of my art work. Love. That. Man.


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2 responses to “Bragging on me! (And Dearest!)

  1. FranklytheNut

    Very pretty, Chrissy. Such a nice job! From both of you…


  2. Beautiful — the jewelry AND the photography.
    You two are obviously a great team!