Scaring old people

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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This thing makes me SO ANGRY. It’s just such a mean-spirited, petty thing to do. And these are the people who made that awful commercial about how REPUBLICANS want to throw Granny off a cliff. Hey … we’re not the ones who terrified helpless old ladies just to score a few meaningless political points, now are we?

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2 responses to “Scaring old people

  1. Pistol Pete

    I transport Medicaid clients all day;I can’t tell you how upset they are at the possibility of not getting their checks.I assured them this is a scare tactic and that the checks for August were already cut and they will go out on time.
    They say they all remember every election how the democrats claim republicans plan to take away their medicine and throw them in the street.then I politely ask when was the last time they got a COLA on their checks,Three years ago?Who’s been in charge the last three years hmmmmm?Some of them are finally getting it.
    I also reminded them Obeyme plans to fund O-Care with a half trillion in cuts to Medicaid.A cut in finding would mean they will be denied the transportation for needed medical treatments that they need to live.
    I know they’ll all still vote for the messiah,but at least I give them the truth they don’t get from the nightly news.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      There are a LOT of people out there who voted for Teh Won and are now mad as hell about it. So we just all have to keep on working, praying and spreading the facts. Truth is a potent weapon. It cuts through the fog the Left pumps out and, like a candle, it just shines and draws those who want to be on the white hat side.

      Yes, there are hard-line Leftists, but as far as I can tell from my poll watching, they represent only 20%-30% of the folks who traditionally vote Democrat. The rest are like me, people who believed the lies until there was One Big Fat Lie that could not be swallowed. So the majority are going to be drawn to that candle of truth.

      I believe each person has at least one topic about which they know enough from their own experience that they won’t automatically accept the LSM’s spin. For me, it started with abortion. I left the Left because I just knew in the deepest recesses of my being that human rights must be protected for ALL humans or we’re all in deep do-do.

      But I didn’t move to the Right until my kids joined the military and went to Iraq. My truth was knowing my kids wouldn’t lie to me about the war. Since what they were telling me was 180° from what the press was telling me, I began looking critically at ALL the OTHER crap the media was selling.

      That’s when the Right wins … when someone accepts that where there is one lie, there may be many. Good people don’t lie and they do not like being lied to and they really hate being used. My niece is a lawyer and she said the worst thing a lawyer can do in court is try to bamboozle the jury. If they get one sniff of an attempt to con them, they’ll turn en masse to the other side and evidence be damned.

      What you’re doing with these folks is KEY, Pete. These folks you drive KNOW how close to the edge they live on their Medicare and Social Security pittances. And they have very good reason to be fearful. Every time you talk to one or two, they’re taking that idea and talking to their friends. Just getting that idea, that question, “What if the Democrats and the media are lying?” out on the table is a big win.

      I read a thing once by a minister who was having himself a little pity party about how hard it was to witness to people. Most of the time, they’d listen, but that was it. Another minister told him that a convert has had, on average, SEVEN in-depth contacts from believers before being ready to make a move. He counseled the discouraged minister to take heart that each time he talked with someone, he was moving them closer to that final contact. Maybe he wouldn’t see the big moment, but he would be partly responsible.

      I try to keep that in mind when I get discouraged. It helps.