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Some straight talk about the economy

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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In a symbiotic relationship, change in one organism causes change in the other.

In a synonymous relationship, change in one organism is the change in the other.

It is important to appreciate this distinction with respect to Tax Rates and Government Revenues.

Tax Rates and Government Revenues are SYMBIOTIC, not … I repeat NOT SYNONYMOUS.

Yes, we need a balanced approach of cuts in spending and increases in government revenues so that we can start beating down this horrible debt that is threatening to swallow our nation.

But some people talk like increasing Tax Rates is synonymous with increasing Government Revenues. It’s not.

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Raising and lowering the Tax Rates affects Government Revenues, but the impact may be in the opposite direction from that desired.

Conservatives are calling for lowering Tax Rates, because we believe we are on the right hand side of the Laffer Curve, the place where lowering Tax Rates will increase Government Revenues and raising Tax Rates will reduce Government Revenues.

Why do we think this? Because we already HAVE the highest “soak the rich” tax rates in the developed world!

The job creators in this country already fork over HALF their income to politicians to spend as THEY choose.

How could it POSSIBLY encourage the private sector to invest in job-creation for politicians to make their own piece of the pie even bigger?

And aren’t the repeated calls to make the rich pay their “fair” share more about ENVY than about FAIRNESS?

IMHO, a truly FAIR tax rate would be a FLAT tax where EVERYONE pays the exact same percentage of their income to support the government programs we all benefit from.

From Angelaisms:

“We certainly are looking down the barrel of a fiscal crisis, but it’s not the default boogeyman that Obama keeps trying to scare us with. When 40% of every dollar spent by the federal government is borrowed money, and the only solutions coming out of Establishment D.C. are ones that aim to increase that percentage, what you have is a crisis of confidence of world-altering proportions.

The United States of America is a load-bearing wall on the global scene — one that you people have been going after with pickaxes and power tools in hopes of finding Narnia on the other side.

Stop the finger-pointing. Stop the blaming. Stop the word games, the fear-mongering, and the outright lying. Stop kicking the can down the road and at our children’s heads. Cut the size of government, cap the spending for real, and balance the budget.

Do your jobs. Or we’ll find others who will.”


And speaking of jobs, here’s a little Reality Check for the blame-Bush and Republicans-are-greedy crowd.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2560130590056011884DfXYNa

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