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It’s been a good year for the babies!

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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My First Canvas

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

Lil Buzz was in a very artistic mood so Mama gave him a real canvas to paint on. I’m impressed! He’s made incredible progress from the simple scratches he was doing. Filling the whole surface, adding texture. I think he’s inherited the family ART gene. 🙂


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Jimi Hendrix as Obama’s Baby Daddy?

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Remember, we’re talking about 1960 here, back when out of wedlock pregnant girls shamed the family, so were sent away to give birth or get an abortion, back when the races didn’t mix on public buses, never mind in bed, and back when illegitimate kids suffered real prejudice.

Let’s see … how plausible is it that Anarchist Ann, the wild child of Madelyn who had flaunted her own parents’ sexual and moral codes, would have jumped at the chance to sleep with the talented guitarist in an up-and-coming local band?

How plausible is it that the parents of their preggers and only child Ann would do what was necessary to take care of their little girl? IMHO, this is a no-brainer. Oddly, the one thing they did NOT do is what, sadly, most girls and their liberal parents would do now when unwed pregnancy, single moms and mixed race children are common. Abort.

Obama’s official “African daddy, Kansas mommy” story is a Big Fat Lie. It’s the one he’s published and told over and over and over in every venue possible. It’s the one he built his entire career on. It’s the reason white people burdened by liberal racial guilt gladly promoted him far, far beyond his abilities. It’s the reason he’s hiding his records and committed multiple felonies forging not one, but two false birth certificates.

The truth is that Anarchist Ann, the leftist high school hippie, got knocked up by a black boy in Seattle, so her parents moved her to Hawaii and hired African Obama, who needed a green card, to legitimize the baby.

The real Baby Daddy could’ve been any black boy in Seattle. But there’s a really good case here for it having been an up-and-coming Jimi Hendrix. The resemblance is strong; the timing and geography are perfect; and the psychology is right. Girls like Ann giving it up to band guys are so common, they’re a cliché.

Seeing as Barack Obama has little talent and zero work ethic, I’m guessing he’d never have gotten past posing for photography assignments at Occidental College if he’d ever admitted that, far from being the romantic product of an international love affair, he was just one of the many by-blows of drug-dead hippie rock stars.


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Theodorable, the 3-legged wonder cat

It’s a good thing he’s so cute, because he surely turned out to be expensive for a “free” cat!



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Land that I love

posted by Bob

What a Hoot posted this video earlier in the week, but I’m re-posting in case anyone missed it.

Here is the short version, containing just the performance:

This version contains the performance, preceded by a segment introducing the performers and followed by the judges’ comments:

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