Bill Ayers tells audience he wrote Dreams From My Father

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If you’re at all interested in this issue, get Jack Cashill’s book Deconstructing Obama. It’s very readable and packed with compelling evidence of Obama’s birth and Dreams frauds.


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4 responses to “Bill Ayers tells audience he wrote Dreams From My Father

  1. Here’s Cashill’s column from 2008. I think his book is a compilation of all his articles, probably why I haven’t bought the book 😀 Still, very good stuff. Interesting stuff:


  2. I think, if he were pressed, he’d claim he was just “joking.” That way he can say the truth without getting blamed for unwarranted honesty.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      This is not the first time Ayers has said this. It’s just the latest, most public time I’m aware of. I watched the video and did not get the sense he was joking.

      I think the book was written back when Obama’s highest aspiration was to be Chicago’s mayor. Cashill shows how the book was geared specifically to the politically powerful, South Chicago Black community.

      As I understand it, Ayers got a BUNCH of money for his Annenberg Challenge via Obama’s move up the Chicago political ladder. Between that and the projected small audience for the book, I expect he felt he got a good enough deal for his unrewarded, unacknowledged work on the book.

      NOW? That book has become mega famous, sold a bajillion copies and earned Obama MILLIONS in royalties. Meanwhile, Obama’s second book is lousy and Obama has stated very emphatically that HE wrote Dreams HIMSELF. And, when Ayers became a political liability, Obama threw him under the bus.

      I think Ayers has a monumental ego and he is getting more and more bitter about the whole thing. If anyone catches anything new about him, I’d like to hear about it. I think he’s going to escalate.