Criminal complaint filed with FBI re BHO’s birth certificate

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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I find the evidence very compelling, particularly since, when I downloaded the White House birth certificate image, I noticed some of these photoshop artifacts myself.

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Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record ‘forged’

By Jerome R. Corsi – May 31, 2011

Expanded Analysis of Obama’s COLB



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21 responses to “Criminal complaint filed with FBI re BHO’s birth certificate

  1. Wasn’t it funny when Trump pressured him into releasing it, Obama said he already did, only to release it again ?

    Obama made the BC an issue by spending millions to fight this thing in the courts. Who has to do that? I had to produce my original BC for my first gov job as a GS-2 clerk-typist. AND AGAIN, when I got promoted and needed a top secret clearance. So many red flags on this issue, it just boggles my mind.


  2. Here’s some juicies Chrissy, from our friend Pam Geller, probably the most comprehensive study into the BC issue.

    Yummy 😀


    • My goodness, the resemblance is uncanny!


    • You might find this one interesting, too, then…


      • I don’t really pretend to “know” anything about this, but he certainly resembles Malcolm X more than Obama Sr., regardless of who was his daddy.


        • Glad you posted it, that was the video I was looking for when I found the shorter one. I just find the resemblance fascinating, especially the parts of comparing X’s daughter to O. Also, the uncanny resemblance of Malia’s features. No tinfoil here, it’s just that the early timelines of his life are still such a mystery, and we knew Mommy Dearest was a groupie to the radicals of the day. She slept around.


      • Who is narrating that video?


      • chrissythehyphenated

        The resemblance is striking, but I found this, which makes me doubt that Malcolm X was stepping out in 1960 when Barry O was conceived.
        “In 1958, Malcolm married Betty Shabazz, a Muslim nurse and together they had four daughters (plus two more born after his death).”

        IOW, he was a newlywed in 1960 who was clearly getting plenty of nooky at home.

        “Over the next several years, Malcolm became the spokesperson for the Nation of Islam. In the early 1960s, Malcolm learned of paternity suits filed by two women of the Nation of Islam who worked for the leader, Elijah Muhammad, as his secretaries. Malcolm met with the two women and later privately with Elijah Muhammad who did not deny the accusations against him (as he did publicly) but justified his actions by comparing his with other Biblical figures as David and Noah who suffered from “moral lapses”. Elijah’s response left Malcolm dissatisfied and contributed to his growing disenchantment with the Nation of Islam.”

        IOW, in the critical time period, Malcolm was a very devout Muslim who was shocked to learn his mentor was banging the secretaries and dismayed the man was not particularly ashamed about it.


      • Heh. First saw that vid back in January. Amusing, eh? How many times have you seen those “separated at birth” comparisons? And the audience is great. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Ooooo!

        I’m not sayin’ one way or another, but others have pointed out a prospect far more likely than X (and possibly more likely than Barry Sr) is Obama’s grandfather’s good friend, and Barry’s Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Adjust your tinfoil hat and read about it here. Check the pictures. But, shhh! Don’t tell anybody. 🙂

        Just for fun, I did a morph and a couple of comparisons, too.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          LOVE your flickering morph thing. What software did you use?

          You’re not kidding about tinfoil hats on that link. It’s a little heavy on the World Wide Secret Cabal thing. Oy.

          I have the same problems with Davis as sperm donor that I have with Obama Sr. The timing of the pregnancy and birth don’t line up with Ann’s addresses and class schedules.

          Since the latter was obtained from multiple independent sources, I am taking those data as hard facts. These are my biggest issues:

          The elder Dunhams both left good jobs in Seattle for lesser jobs in Hawaii in the summer of 1960, right after Ann graduated from high school.

          Ann was a very good student in high school and ultimately earned a doctorate. She was clearly bright and loved studying. She lived at home and took classes in Hawaii in the fall of 1960, which was situation normal for such a smart, motivated young high school graduate.

          But then, inexplicably, while still living at home, she took NO classes in the spring of 1961, then, very suddenly moved herself and her baby to Seattle and enrolled in classes two weeks after Barry’s putative birth date. The spring hiatus and move to Seattle make no sense unless she actually delivered months earlier than his announced August 4, 1961 birth date.

          My personal best guess is early March, based on what I know from my own three pregnancies. If Ann conceived at the end of her senior year, and let me think … isn’t losing one’s virginity on Prom Night an American institution? … it explains the sudden parental job move to Hawaii and the equally ridiculous move of Ann and Barry back to Seattle for a year. Both were efforts to hide the child’s illegitimacy.

          This timing put Ann’s first (pukey) trimester in the summer in Hawaii and her third (big belly, exhausted) trimester during and after winter break.

          The second trimester, during which most pregnant women feel wonderful, would hit the fall semester, the only time Ann took classes. A tall, young girl on her first pregnancy could easily have hidden her baby bump under the muumuus common in Hawaii through her 2d trimester. Tall girls have more room down there and young, fit girls have tighter tummies than older ladies or women who have had a baby already.

          An early spring delivery puts Ann at home with her mom and her newborn. With all that time and parental assistance to move back to Seattle and set up an apartment, she’d have been well able to enroll as a single mother for the fall classes we know she took there.

          But all of this is predicated on her getting knocked up in Seattle.


          • “What software did you use?”

            Hah! Nothing you’d want to use, I’m sure. For all my art and photo work, I use a program which was long ago bought up from the originators by one of those companies that swallows competition software. I use an old, unsupported version; I think it was designed for Win95! Like too much other software I use, it’s a creaky antique, but it still does about everything I want, I’m used to it, hate the learning curve on new software, and the few bugs rarely bother me. Oh, and importantly, it’s paid for, long long ago. Here’s the Wikipedia article about it. The v8.1 version is available out there on the net, I suppose. They had an animation utility, also now of course old and unsupported. But I have fun with it, as you see. It can do much smoother animation than that quick rough morph I did.


            • chrissythehyphenated

              I totally understand your affection for old software. I’m still using the Microsoft Picture It Lite I got free with some photos about a bazillion years ago at WalMart. Clunky, unsupported, but dang, it does what I want. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements for fancy stuff, but there are actually a few function where the older, baby lite program is better and easier.

              My dd took a class in Flash 8 and didn’t want the materials after, so I have the program and the book. Just no time to play with them. Maybe some day!


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Misunderstanding Obama’s Momma By Jack Cashill – June 7, 2011

    New York Times columnist Roger Cohen praises Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, as “an unrivaled authority on Javanese blacksmithing.”

    She was unrivaled because no one else thought it worth doing, not even the scholars in Java, and they would not have had to forsake their children, as Dunham did, to pursue their studies.

    Cohen elevates Dunham from “interfering, ugly American do-gooder” to “a firm voice for female empowerment in an Indonesia ‘of smiling or gentle oppression’ toward women.”

    Yes, Dunham, who blew through two marriages — one sham, one real — and who survived only through the largesse of her own parents, was prepared to educate the women of Indonesia on female power.

    What Cohen doesn’t mention is the one truly heroic thing Dunham did in her life. She let her son live. It’s clear abortion was available and Dunham knew it.

    For whatever reason, Dunham resisted the clarion call of “choice.”

    Giving birth to Obama was her defining act. It changed history, but her champions won’t even talk about it. They feel more comfortable with blacksmithing.


  4. Okay, this is eerie, Malcolm X speaking. Ok, I’m reaching now 😉


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Cashill mentions some musician in his book as a plausible baby daddy, but I forget the name.