Percussive linguistics

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

You know how banging on a faulty appliance is called “percussive maintenance”?

TEXT from Mama Buzz: “he has been asking to color more and more often!  today he went to the storage closet (all the art supplies are in there) and was hitting the door, then when i opened it he went directly to the set of drawers that has all our coloring supplies!”


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  1. Soooooooo cute, and obviously a little genius = )


  2. I thought, since this was a non=political thread, I would hold this discussion here in case any passers by might have some insights. The other day I went to a fabric store looking for 100% cotton knit fabric. It was called JoAnn’s Fabric, which is a chain on the east, and i searched high and low for any all cotton knit that was not from CHINA. Does the US make no fabric anymore? I’m from an area that was home to rows and rows of textile mills. Anyone know where I can get fabric NOT from China???????


  3. We have that bib. Love ’em.


    • Dee

      We have the monkey version and my mom has the hippo. So cute and they work really well!


      • We have the monkey, too! I have about ten of those things. Of course, some are from before that huge lead scare/recall, but I read that as long as the child doesn’t eat pieces of it, they should be ok!


  4. Hmmmmm, summer fun
    and pretty

    conservative stripe (could even go vertical for that slimming effect? Not that we need to look slimmer, of course.

    Here are some facts about Cotton that you may not know:

    US paper currency isn’t paper at all… it’s a blend of 75% cotton lint and 25% linen. A 480 pound bale of cotton can be made into 313,600 $100.00 bills!

    Sheer cotton muslin, woven in ancient India, was so fine that 73 yards of it weighed one pound!

    In ancient Egypt, only the High Priest was allowed to wear a cotton garment.

    Cotton is a member of the Mallow family of plants. The Arabic peoples called it “Qutun,” which is where we get the word “Cotton.”

    Eli Whitney’s cotton gin wasn’t a new idea. The “Churka,” invented in India 3,500 years earlier, was very efficent at ginning long staple cotton but ineffective on the short staple variety. Whitney’s gin was the first gin to process short staple cotton.

    Mills in Lancashire, England exported 7,000,000,000 yards of cotton fabric in 1913. That’s an amazing 221.97 yards per second!

    Between 1920 and 1922, the Boll Weevil caused cotton production in South Carolina to drop 70 percent!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      That is interesting! The boll weevil reminds me of that potato blight in Ireland and the plague in the Middle Ages. Good for the humility to keep in mind that a teensy thing like a bug or a germ can devastate us high and mighty top of the food chain types.


  5. Thought this mighty interesting as well. h/t to Mafia Rose