Real leaders don’t

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Extortion: A criminal offense which occurs when a person threatens another unlawfully in order to obtain money, goods or services.

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I saw this pithy statement in the comment section at Breitbart:

“Shared sacrifice in my book means that every citizen pays something in income tax and all non-citizens (illegals) get cut from all benefit programs.”

Yeah. And then we could move on to cutting back on things like Obama’s outrageous party and vacation schedules, the millions and billions of our (borrowed) money these DemocRATS have shoveled into their own pockets, etc.

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This just makes me SO SPITTING ANGRY! Every time I think Obama has sunk as far as he can possibly go … he comes out with something like this that is even worse. Thank God for people like Congressman West, who knows how to speak truth to power.

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