Newsweek sings a new Palin song!

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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3 responses to “Newsweek sings a new Palin song!

  1. Run Sarah Run 😀


  2. Great graphic, Chrissy! I’d forgotten those older covers from the sold-for-a-buck Newsweek. Been busy and haven’t made it all the way through the Newsweek article, but it’s remarkable just for the change of tone. Almost like journalism instead of propaganda!

    Commenter RushBabe at Ace of Spaces wrote, “Tina Brown woke up and smelled the coffee about the juggernaut that is Sarah Palin.” Heh; seems like!

    (Some Mindless Webwonker also left a typically prolix comment on that Ace page. Well, wot th’ heck, as long as I’m tootin m’own horn, here’s the search:Palin results on my site. FWIW.)


  3. I discovered the new Beck slot replacement show The Five on Fox and it’s pretty good. They have Bob Beckel, resident liberal, though not as cringeworthy as resident lib Alan Colmes.

    Today they brought up Bill Maher’s “I hope Palin and Bachmann run so they’ll split the MILF vote” from a recent interview…..what a surprise, Beckel said, Maher went over the top and if he said that about two liberal women, the left would have burned down his house and hung him by his cojones.

    I have hope. Good show, a fast hour with likeable people 😀