Taxation without representation

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Make that fourteen AND A HALF trillion.

To see national debt clock, go to

But get yourself a stiff drink first. You will need it.


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13 responses to “Taxation without representation

  1. Pistol Pete

    I tried to post a report this morning,but the gremlins showed up.Nothing would show up.I’ll try again after my 4th,5th,and 6th cup of coffee.
    My only day off and I had some really good stuff.Grrrrr


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Gremlins got me too. Coffee helps. Maybe they don’t like the smell on our breath? 🙂


    • What A Hoot

      Ahhhh, coffee. Here is a funny personal experience:

      One Friday my head started pounding and by Saturday I was in excruciating pain. I thought I was dying. My daughter suggested I take my blood pressure. Oh my, it was waaaaaaaay up there (I did not typically have a blood pressure problem). I called the doctor and she said we needed to determine if headache from elevated blood pressure or bolod pressure from headache, “Get to the hospital. Now.”

      So, I go. I could care less about the bp; just get rid of the headache! Well, I was given stuff to bring down the bp but not much was working for the headache. Finally, got to dull throb and bp down. Went home with a fistful of pain relievers for the next few days.

      Sunday afternoon I open the cupboard and figured I would do something nice now that I could move without my head splitting. A pot of coffee would make the house think I had not abandoned them (they are so easy). I pull out the coffee bag and notice in very small writing the dreaded word “decaffeinated”. OMG I had been drinking my 5-7 cups a day, since Thursday, with decaf!!!! An ER visit for caffeine withdrawal, of all things.

      The upside is I really do have high blood pressure that would be undiagnosed. But still, the lettering was not a different color (like red or green) and it was not obviously differentiated from the regular. Always, always if you are a caffeine junkie double check the “goods” you are buying!

      And, yes, I did tell the family — but not for several days until I figured out the mistake was really a blessing to discover the high bp…….

      Where is that black, strong cup of coffee? —Time to put some hair on my chest.


  2. Sorry, Chrissy, but there’s no open thread, exactly, for me to post the on-going saga of baby-animal rescue we’re living up here. I couldn’t have had a kitten before the German Shepherd had to be put down (2 wks. ago today); how convenient that a black kitty (black is the ONLY authentic cat color, IMO) should show up so soon afterwards. 😎


    • And if the baby robin doesn’t learn, at some point, that not ALL cats are good for snuggling, it’s unlikely to live a long robin life!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Funny (now) bird story … we had a cockatiel named Pearls, wonderful bird, really bright, lotsa personality, then for many reasons too lengthy to explain, we found ourselves the very inexperienced owners of a retired racing greyhound. Being people of very little brain, the day after Star arrived, we forgot about her when we gave Pearls his usual free exercise time.

        We also left the baby behind … or would have if my mother had not stopped us as I was getting in the car, asking if we planned to take our daughter or leave her there for the night. Yes,she did it on purpose. My mother was like that, wanting to let us get our feet IN the dang car before reminding us we were new parents and our precious, forgotten gene pool was asleep in her room. Harumph.

        So anyway, the baby fared better than Pearls, who was set upon by Star who did not kill him, but did do enough damage to require $$$ vet bill and weeks of pampering convalescence in a table top fish tank where he was the Most Important Pet (and knew it).

        Eventually, Pearls recovered fully … unless you count the over-inflated ego as a lasting disability. Star, not so much. Greyhounds are really sensitive and she was a smart dog, knew perfectly well the uproar, furor, scurrying, loud voices, scolding of dog, subsequent weeks long pampering of bird added up to one thing and one thing one … Pearls was #1.

        We very carefully reintroduced the “bird is out of his cage while dog is out of her crate” thing until we were confident that Star could be trusted. We still supervised them closely, but Pearls was used to having some freedom every day, so it hardly seemed fair to just cage him all the time.

        So … I’m overseeing this free time one day and … picture Pearls, strutting, I swear, STRUTTING, back and forth RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOG who was staying very politely on her big pillow.

        Pearls walks from one end of the pillow to the other. Stops. Turns around. Walks to the other end, repeats. If birds had thumbs and noses, there would’ve been Nyah Nyah happening.

        And poor Star? Curled up tight, head down, eyes following back and forth, back and forth, making this teeny little whine whine whine noise, like ‘OMG I wanna eat that little prick so bad!” I didn’t blame her.


  3. Tina and I just read your story. I can just see it happening, too, the way you described it! LOL


  4. Thrilled to read this in my local paper.

    “As one school year ends and another is just on the horizon, principals and ditrict personnel are hard at work on the preparations that will result in another successful year in 2011-12. We are very fortunate that due to foresight and preparation, we do not have to lay off personnel or cut programs to meet budget for next year. We are the first district in the state to ratify a teaching contract for the coming year. As always, our union representatives worked very collaboratively with management as each line of the contract was examined in regard to language and working conditions. Your School Board was honored to ratify that contract at the June board meeting. Due to budget constraints, the contract contains no raises or step increases, though both sides agreed to reopen financial negotiations after the Legislative session ends in March.”

    At this point in time, it’s a virtual miracle that people could come together and discuss this issue in a reasonable manner. I could almost cry at the thought, given recent behavior around the country. And to think…they had foresight! Imagine that!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest talked to a teacher in our district. She has enough seniority to keep her job, but feels horrible about all the people who got laid off. She said she would have been happy to not get the contractual raises, to spread the wealth fairly so others could keep their jobs. But the union didn’t allow that option.


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