Peaceful Pro-Life Protester Assaulted

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Chrissy’s Site Bites:

This is part of my Chrissy’s Site Bites album where I catalog physical violence by Leftists. I named it “Call me when a liberal goes on a shooting spree” after seeing this (with a YAWN) in a comment on a blog complaining about how the media unfairly leaps to conclusions about the allegedly rightwing political motivations for various violent crimes. E.g., the Tucson shooting where Giffords was wounded by … as it turned out … a former Giffords campaign volunteer.


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2 responses to “Peaceful Pro-Life Protester Assaulted

  1. Ting

    Wow! I thought only cars got “keyed”. That lady looks menacing as she is walking forward with those keys in her hand. Wonder what charges will be filed against her.


  2. I’m sure the man who was injured would be the first to point out that compared with what was done to that woman’s unborn child, he (the protester) got off relatively easy. His wounds will heal. The baby’s wounds will not. They were fatal.