Note to David Letterman

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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4 responses to “Note to David Letterman

  1. Ting

    I never, ever watch the pig Letterman any more. I can’t believe that I used to think he was funny.


    • He used to be funny. I’ve seen this happen with quite a few entertainers who’ve been around for a long time; many of them used to be a lot funnier, and a lot nicer, too. I have no idea what it is that makes them go downhill, but it happens with depressing frequency.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Maybe they should take a tip from people whose careers lasted and lasted, people who were kind, courteous and professional. E.g., Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, Garry Marshall, Julie Andrews, Richard Dean Anderson, Kurt Russell and so many more.

        Our family has a personal true story about meeting the very gracious Rosalind Russell on the street while walking the dog. She stopped to pet Bart and chat amiably with my brother, a total stranger. Guess where she was coming from? Mass. No entourage. No ego. Just a nice lady after church stopping to pet some guy’s gawky six month old St. Bernard.


    • Dee

      I still like Conan, but it seems like he’s headed down the same path. The last two political jokes (and only ones I remember) he’s posted on FB were against conservatives. Now, I can laugh at my own, but only when it’s done in good fun. Not when it’s obviously serving someone’s agenda.