Wasting time on our dime

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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How long would you keep your job if you spent a third of your time doing stupid stuff and never finished the work you were hired to do?

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7 responses to “Wasting time on our dime

  1. Hey, anyone know when National Pollinator Week is? We should do something special here to celebrate!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I just extended my Civics Lessons album at
    to include quick looks at each Congress from 1979 to now … who was president, which party controlled each house of Congress, who were the leaders in House and Senate and, for recent years (because Wikipedia had them), graphic depictions of the actual vote breakdowns by party.


  3. Wow…I had no idea about all this useless garbage. It makes sense, though, when you think about all the leftist groups out there. They get so bent out of shape about symbolic stuff. Pure waste of time. I’m glad to hear we’re done with that nonsense…for now.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I read a few bits at one of the leading Ithaca Democrat’s blogs.

      Ithaca is the home of Cornell University, Legal Insurrection and a Socialist city government that is currently on a tear against homeowners, landlords and businesses to PREVENT PARKING. They think we need more GREEN … so among other things denied a landlord permission to remove the cement slab where his tenants parked in front of his apartment house so he could put in bushes and stuff.

      Why, you ask, scratching your puzzled right wingnut heads? Because DUH … moving the parking to the back of the house would mean adding a driveway, which would have resulted in a net loss of “green” space.

      This “green” they decided was so essential was the ugly, scraggly weedy grass in the shady side yard no one uses which, oh wait, is kept somewhat tidy through the use of a smelly gasoline-powered mower. The “green” they refused to allow was a beautiful, low maintenance, no mowing, neighbor friendly planting designed by a landscape architect.

      ARGH! [breathe slowly …………………. okay, I’m better now.]

      So anyway … the Leftist blog. In one entry, she goes on and on about how IMPORTANT it is for her to go inspect a new polling place. Not HER polling place, just a new one that was more centrally located so more convenient to the voters of the district. This polling place was being donated by a local church.

      So never mind how great it was for voters to get a freebie that meant half of them wouldn’t have to travel to the other end of the district. No, this whack job is obsessing about the horrendous possibility that some voter might be subjected to an offensive RELIGIOUS symbol when they go vote. So she had to go tour to make sure the unthinkable didn’t happen.

      In another entry, this SAME WOMAN goes on and on about how she doesn’t get why right wingnuts think the flag is such a big deal. She says, and I quote (from memory),

      “The Constitution I get. But the flag?”

      Please tell me I don’t need to belabor what a complete and utter MORON this woman is to obsess about how traumatic it would be for some non-Christian voter to lay eyes on a cross while simultaneously not having a CLUE why patriotic Americans honor the flag?

      Sadly, this woman really is a big wig in Ithaca Democrat circles. sigh …


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