Are You For 86?

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Chrissy’s Site Bites:

It is clear from the site that “in-clinic” means “here at this facility.”

It is also clear from the bottom line that Planned Parenthood has no interest in providing support or emergency medical care if the pills cause any of the known (or unknown) nasty side effects, such as excruciating pain, major blood loss and death.

I have been amusing myself thinking of other professions trying this coercive sales tactic like … “Before I begin trying to clear your clogged drain, you must agree that if I fail, you will pay me to replace all your pipes.”

I have been less amused thinking about gullible girls forced to sign this agreement who might otherwise take a chemical abortion failure as a sign from God that He didn’t want them to kill this child, but who fear what PP might do to them if they don’t go back for that in-clinic abortion.

Chrissy’s Site Bites:

There’s an interesting discussion of when and where “86” became common slang for “get rid of” or “kill.” Lots of theories, but nobody actually knows for sure.


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3 responses to “Are You For 86?

  1. I’m pro-choice, as long as you choose what I want you to choose. If you choose something else? That’s another story entirely!


    • What A Hoot

      .And Pro-choice definitely, according to pro-murderers, means I did not “choose” to have lots of kiddies. It had to be from stupidity and lack of information. Newsflash: Smart people DO choose to have more than the mandated acceptable quota. Well-informed people DO choose to have more than the mandated acceptable quota. And they raise them to be responsible. The “problem” is they are raised to see “pro-choice” for what it is; and is not.


      • If the folks who claim to be pro-choice really were pro-choice, they would encourage pregnant women NOT to abort. As long as the mother doesn’t abort, she will still have a choice about whether to keep the baby and mother it herself, or place it for adoption if she decides she’s not ready or not able to raise a child. Once the little person in her womb has been sliced and diced and flushed down the drain, the mother no longer has a choice. Women in unwanted pregnancies who carry to term and then place the child for adoption rarely if ever regret their choice. Women who abort their babies frequently regret their choice, and many never get over it.