Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I haven’t…

NO ‘HIM’ OR ‘HER’; PRESCHOOL FIGHTS GENDER BIAS – Sweden’s gender neutral tots


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  4. Ting

    What do you want to bet that those teachers are easily offended? I would hate to have to be the room mother in that joint.


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Our social structures, child rearing and language developed as they are for a good reason. They work.

    Looks to me like they’re not eliminating, but rather creating a social hierarchy, one where NON-traditional sexual and family choices are the ONLY ones valued. [Anyone else see Satan’s hand in this?]

    Also, I’m disturbed by the use of “friend” for everyone. I was sexually assaulted when I was very young and one thing I’ve had to deal with in therapy is that my assailants (a group of sickos who had long-term contact with me during hospitalizations without my parents’ knowledge) taught me to call them all Daddy and to use the word “love” for fellatio.

    Based on my struggles, I believe these kids are being primed to have NO healthy boundaries between themselves and those destructive others who are NOT “friends. ” They will be prime grade A targets for every bully, user and pedophile who crosses paths with them.

    This school might as well tattoo “Abuse me” on each child’s forehead. May God have mercy on these innocent victims of Leftist agendas.


    • Ting

      I had definitely not thought of the potential abuse aspect, Chrissy, but I guess that would be something to cause concern. Doesn’t it sometimes seem like everything comes back to sex, even when we try to pretend otherwise?
      I tell you one thing – I never needed any gender-free education to become a female builder. In fact, I went to a women’s college! It gave me the best shot at developing leadership skills, and I took it. (Of course there weren’t many colleges that weren’t single-sex back in those days.)


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Oh please. You are NOT that old! LOL

        I seem to recall something about an all women’s college being sued to allow males and winning the suit precisely because of that leadership thing. In coed schools, males dominate the leadership opportunities like class president, newspaper editor.