Too cute!

Gotta share!  This is a pic of a newly framed pic Mama Buzz just hung up. I need to get the file for the photo so I can have one too!!


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I love how this pops up right next to our Baby Buzz mascot pic. 🙂


  2. Ting

    Awwww……Baby Buzz is perfect in every way.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Can you believe there will be TWO of them come fall?! 🙂


    • Ting

      You must be so happy! I saw a beautiful wicker bassinet for sale in a consignment store this afternoon – I admit to a huge impulse to buy it right up, but first it might be nice if one of my children got married. One of them would even need to have a date. Oh well – Baby Buzz and your one to come substitute in the meanwhile.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Happy to share! We may have a sonogram image of Baby Bunn soon.

        Oh look … a new picture over to the right! Who posts these? I love them. So pretty!! This one is a bee and I think it’s feeding on Lamb’s Ear blossoms.

        I love Lamb’s Ear. I first saw it as a child in an herbal garden at a New England living museum. The leaves are SO soft and this beautiful shade of pale green. I always wanted it so as soon as I had a garden of my own, I found some.

        I put it in my “Jesus Garden” … the one that had a 2′ gray stone statue of Our Lord in front of Burning Bush. I liked the look of it all together, but also the opportunity it gave me to meditate on spiritual truths when I was weeding and pruning the plants.

        Until I’d actually grown Lamb’s Ear, I did not know the blossoms are purple, which is the church color for penance. And the blossoms have a really sweet smell (like bubble gum!) that attracts honey bees from all over. Bees and honey are used as positive symbols all through the Bible.


        • Wish I could see your garden, Chrissy — sounds beautiful.

          I put that honeybee photograph there, along with many of the random butterfly pictures scattered across the page margins. I had a whole bunch of these photos in a file on my computer, and I just felt like doing something with them. Some of them were taken by a friend of mine during a visit to a butterfly sanctuary (did you know such a thing existed?). Others I collected along the way from various places. Whenever I see something beautiful like that, I have to save it and file it for future use — it’s kind of a compulsion with me.

          We had an extremely late spring this year, so planting is way behind, including in my yard. I finally got all my window boxes planted (it takes 48 plants in 48 flowerpots to fill my window boxes), and almost all my hanging planters (six on the front porch, six on the screen porch, two on the deck), and I got the morning glories started out on the deck, but there is still a lot more to do. This week it’s been raining almost every day, but the weather forecast is for clear skies this weekend, so maybe I’ll get some work done! In July and August, if things go well, I should have some good pictures to share.


  4. Congrats on Baby Buzz #2!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      She’s (or so the sono tech is voting! LOL) is officially dubbed Baby Bunn, as in Bun in the Oven and “turn the zz sideways and they make NNs.”

      And thanks! We are all SO THRILLED. Mama Buzz has a health condition that could easily interfere with conception. To have two is just such a blessing!

      And her military sisters are getting the baby bug from Lil Buzz who is definitely too cute for prime time. I hear biological clocks ticking LOL.