Hot Air Primary Poll

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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4 responses to “Hot Air Primary Poll

  1. I knew you’d like this 😀

    I do think the longer Palin waits the better for her. I know the GOP and idiot media are pushing Romney on us, though I would vote for Charlie Manson over Obama, I’m waiting…..patiently. Palin/Cain 😀


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Manson! Wow LOL. I’ve been going with “a telephone pole” for the “I would vote for …” line LOL.


      • “potted plant” works for me too, and less violent LOL


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Hmmm … my daughter made a gorgeous, hollow, life-size, female torso in sculpture class. She wanted it to look natural, so did a kind of drippy glaze on it with shades of brown. I call her Eve and grow plants in her.

          I had her on the front porch one summer … until one day, I was chatting with a young man at the end of our driveway and he noticed her, licked his lips and said, “Ooh, she looks yummy.”

          I looked over and realized (to my horror!) that from the street, the drips looked like CHOCOLATE running down her bosom. Oy vey! She’s been inside ever since. (The lewd effect only works from a distance.)

          Anyway, I’ve got pothos growing in her now. So she has a name even and we could run her on the Green Party line as the First Female Potted Plant candidate. I’m thinking the drippy chocolate thing would appeal to all the feminazi whipped, porn addicted Leftist males.

          My word. I’ve just realized. She could be a decisive third party candidate in the 2012 elections!