ABC reports Obama is worse than Bush

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Well, this is refreshing. ABC actually reported something really bad about Obama. (The other networks ignored this.) Jake Tapper may be the last mainstream liberal doing actual journalism.

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7 responses to “ABC reports Obama is worse than Bush

  1. An honest journalist? :rubbing eyes:


    • Pistol Pete

      Actually,Tapper is one of the few who isn’t a full blown leftist.He briefly hosted ‘This Week’ and it was pretty good.Then they brought in Christiane Imawhore and now its unwatchable.


  2. I would not call Jake Tapper a leftist. He is one of the honest few journalists.


  3. Oh, I agree, Tapper’s one of my favorites and probably didn’t get the This Week gig because he wasn’t a total media ‘ho for Obama.

    My other favorite and also from ABC, John Stossel, who’s now with Fox. Caught one of his programs (I think they hide him on their business channel) and he should definitely replace Beck’s time slot. (I think this is Beck’s last week 😦 )


  4. A retweet for Polination ! Though not sure if making someone “choke” is good or bad news 😀 Let’s just say, no such thing as bad publicity. Thanks Bill, come joing us to help figure it all out 😉


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Oh wow … I not only got tweeted, I got REtweeted? LOL


  6. and….again 😀