You have two cows – The 2012 Version

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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H/t to Denise and bob who thought this had merit.


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7 responses to “You have two cows – The 2012 Version

  1. Oh this could be fun

    Unions (the thugs) – take all the cows away from the tea party and their employees and give them to the Dems 😉

    Illegal Immigrants (the criminals) – what the hell, just give them the cows, bulls,the barn and let’s move to Mexico!



    • The Mommy version:

      Your neighbor’s kid has two cows. Your kid has none. Your kid is envious because the neighbor kid makes a lot of money from selling milk and butter and so he can afford all kinds of fun stuff. You tell your kid to go over to the neighbor kid and offer to help him with the milking and butter making, and save the money he earns until he has enough to buy his own cow.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        This reminds me of an incident from when we were close friends with a single mom. Her son appeared at my door one day when she was at work, dancing up and down with the “pain” of his flaming sun burn and begging me for some cream or something to ease his discomfort.

        I had provided him with a band-aid in the past, which his mother asked me not to do again, because she wanted to curb his tendencies to use his good looks and charm to con people. And besides, she had a good job and could afford band-aids, so was miffed that he pestered me for something he could’ve gotten out of their own apartment if he’d not been too lazy to climb the stairs!

        So, I said sorry, no but, “You have your own money now from your paper route, so why don’t you walk to the store (3 blocks away) and buy something?”

        All of a sudden his “dancing with pain” stopped, his mouth dropped open and he blurted out, with quite a sense of outrage, “Do you know how much they want for that stuff?!?!”