Alinsky Alert! Cain wants alligators in a moat!

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

And Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house!

Goldberg’s article really BUGGED me and there’s nothing like getting MAD to wake me up! LOL

So voila … a new album for a new series is born!

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Chrissy’s Site Bites NEW ALBUM:

Herman Cain on Why ‘The Black Guy Is Winning’ By Jeffrey Goldberg – Jun 13, 2011

This article is infuriating. And I’m so glad I can turn all that adrenaline into something productive for The Cause. So much better than hollering at dogs and husbands, KWIM?

For example, Goldberg refers to making “the dire mistake of referring to [Cain] as African-American” …

… as IF it weren’t the Left that INVENTED the whole Let’s Be REALLY PRICKLY About Labels game.

And OF COURSE Goldberg drags out a seemingly endless stream of “Tea Partiers and Conservatives Are Racists” remarks …

… all of which oddly point more to Leftists being the real racists.

For example, Goldberg and Cain discuss David Gregory asking Newt Gingrich if his reference to President Obama as a “food-stamp president” was “a coded racist statement.”

Cain says this shows how deep the Left will “dig to turn this into race. What the hell was he talking about?”

Yeah. Duh. Food stamps is about the ECONOMY, stupid.

But Goldberg suggests Gingrich’s phrase was “a quality example of a racial dog whistle.”

Cain wasn’t buying it: “As a black man, I didn’t see race in that statement whatsoever.”

Me neither.

Will Leftists like Gregory and Goldberg EVER get it that THEY are the racists for seeing race in remarks like this one?

There’s nothing racial about food stamps … UNLESS YOU ARE RACIST ENOUGH TO ASSUME ONLY BLACK PEOPLE QUALIFY FOR THEM … which I’m not. And I doubt Newt Gingrich is either.

Certainly Herman Cain isn’t racist enough to assume “If you’re black you must be on food stamps” or vice versa “If you’re on food stamps, you must be black.”

But what other assumption could Gregory and Goldberg have been making to see Gingrich’s remark as a quality, coded, whistling racist dog statement?

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