Unemployment graph

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Another one that was almost ready to post. … YAWN … LOVE my girls … LOVE my grandson … but boy did they all wear me out! LOL

H/t to Red Pill for data link.


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  1. Auntie Lib

    Not to be a spoil sport – but we really don’t want to claim Bill, do we?


  2. Auntie Lib

    Oh, wait, my bad. Sorry – didn’t read the part about the “House” majority. Excuse me while I perform rectal-craniectomy.


    • Consider that budgets and spending have to be passed by both parts of the Legislative branch (House and Senate) as well as by the the Executive branch (President).

      Consider which party has controlled the majority of those three parts.

      Since January 2007, Democrats have held the majority.

      In 2007 & 2008, Democrats controlled 2 of the 3 (House and Senate)

      In 2009 & 2010, Democrats controlled all 3 (House, Senate, and Presidency)

      In 2011, Democrats control 2 of the 3 (Senate and Presidency)

      Obama did not “inherit” this economy. He has been involved in creating it since 2005 when he entered the Senate.

      This recession started, and has continued, under DEMOCRATIC control during the last 4 and a half years. They have controlled 2 and 3 of the 3 involved parts (House, Senate, and Presidency) for that entire time.

      Credit where credit is due.


  3. RED PILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a delight to see you. I’ve missed you.

    I’ve been a lurker of late. In way over my head to have time to comment, but check in and read when I can. Hope to be back in the swing of it someday, and look forward to reading you = ) Isn’t it great to find Chrissy? And I’m lovin’ Pistol Pete!!!


    • chrissythehyphenated



      • chrissythehyphenated

        And just for the record … it’s all Integrity’s fault I’m here.

        I got really burned and burned out at you know where. She kept emailing me in a friendly way, keeping me in touch with the others who had left the hive.

        Then when this group formed, she kept on me … in the nicest way possible … to become a blogger again. And I love it here. It’s fun and friendly and I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile for the cause.

        Integrity … I salute you!


        • I got really burned and burned out at you know where.

          I hope that you are referring to HB, and not HT. I wasn’t online the weekend that HT went down, so I don’t know (and don’t really need to know) what happened at HT, but I just hope that you didn’t get burned there. When HT went down, WeeWeed invited me to join them at a new blog, and I did so. I didn’t even know about this blog until just recently when I asked if anyone knew how to reach you, and AFinch said:

          Thanks RedPill. Chrissy is an active contributor at Polination–one of the other “branches” of the Honey Trail implosion–so I would be surprised if she were not already aware of this place. She is, of course, welcome to join us here.

          I really, really hope that you didn’t get burned at HT!


          • chrissythehyphenated

            HB. Not HT.

            I also don’t know what caused HT to implode. And I have been invited to the The Last Refuge, but I had to make some hard choices about time management after letting HillBuzz take over my life. One of them was not to participate in any blogs but this one. I read here there and anywhere but I don’t comment or visit any other place regularly.


            • Thank you for clarifying. I understand what you mean about time management. I’m going on vacation tomrrow (offline, in the mountains), but when I return I need to spend less time blogging and more time on buisness.


    • Integrity1st,
      It feels great to be welcomed so warmly! Thank you for that.


      • P.S. …

        WeeWeed is the one who left a comment at my blog on two different occasions to invite me to a new blog:

        1) When I was banned at HB, WeeWeed invited me to HT.
        2) When HT was deleted, WeeWeed invited me to the CT.

        I didn’t know about PoliNation until AFinch mentioned it in response to my search for Chrissy.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          ::blushingagain:: The idea that anyone would search for me … garsh. ::sniff::


          • I’m not the only one who still thinks of you, Chrissy… 🙂

            snarkopolitan, Sunday, June 19, 2011:

            Now I go AWOL from poor old neglected Snarkopolitan all the time, but
            then I am not trying to build a major online presence, don’t hit people up
            for money, or inveigle them into doing pro-bono work for the Cause while keeping
            them entirely in the dark. (Yoo-hoo Admin~ ever wonder who “Chrissy” was? She
            was the one who did all that work before you, was mistreated, and


  4. I just found you all yesterday when I happen to notice a post at Auntie Lib’s site that was from Pistol Pete. Glad to add y’all to the blogs I check. I was wondering where you all were at in this great big internet web world.


  5. Ting

    Hi, Garnette and Red Pill! Glad to read your comments and hope to read more.


  6. Welcome Garnette!!! And to you both, i.e. Red Pill, my comrades won’t speak of the ugliness that went down at HT, but I will say this:

    Motley pulled the plug, THANKFULLY, on what was a horrific lynching of a fellow honey – by SUNDANCE, who up until then, I adored. Because I wanted answers and for him/them to justify their horrific behavior – I was banned from the Last Refuge when I asked a question on the thread (at the beginning, when it first got started, that claimed to be about clearing the air). It was nothing rude, just wanted an explanation. It never got posted, nor did anything else, even when the supposed philosophy touted was no censorship. Suffice it to say, no longer a fan, and I always appreciate seeing people’s true colors early on. While Sundance had me fooled for a very long time, I am happy to be “woken up”. I miss HT, Motley, and many others muchly, but grateful for those that have found us. (Motley pops in on occasion – YEA!!! and she’s a hoot = ).

    Enough said. I’m sure to be in trouble now for speaking the truth – nothing new there. At any rate, so glad to see you, and please know, this is just the temporary exception of me posting while my life is in turmoil. But I am with you all the way, trying to keep up on reading this and a few other (more local) blogs, but as you can see, if I chime in at all, I tend to be wordy, so I am restricting myself as much as possible – until then. OXOXOX


  7. Oh, and Chrissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I have to worry about you getting burnt out here! I can’t even keep up with all the reading let alone the research you do for all those posts. PLEASE take care not to overwork yourself! We need our Chrissy. the country needs our Chrissy. (Obama, not so much ; )

    deployed. ugh. Thinking of you. Be well.


    • I’ve been thinking about you, Integrity — mainly because I am listening to a biography of Winston Churchill on CD (it’s a course from The Teaching Company). It’s good to see you!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks, Integrity! I worry about you too {{{{{{{bighugs}}}}}}}}}

      I’m working hard at disciplining my time. Some of these graphics just about make themselves and I’m using your suggestion to recycle older stuff that is still pertinent as well. So trust me … the volume I post is no indicator of hours invested.

      I’ve got a new little project going too. It’s based on something my Infantry Guy son in law said. Dearest asked him, What do you do when you are under attack? Sil said, Control something. It doesn’t matter what. Just control SOMETHING.

      I’m using that as my little mantra for the day. In the morning, I pick something I can manage to start and finish controlling with the energy I have available that day … which varies, so some days, “something” is really SMALL. But hey, it adds up.

      And some days, I get a bigger thing done that stays done and moves my life to a better place … especially my work areas which are still suffering from me having switched from miniature mania to mostly quilting and jewelry making.

      Never mind my fabric and bead stashes piled up and falling over … oiks. I’ve got prime work room real estate still piled high with now-dusty boxes of miniature making supplies … ultra thin woods for miniature furniture, specialty wall papers and floorings, miniature doll body parts and specialty fabrics, trims and wigging materials.

      I can’t get rid of it, because I love miniatures and who knows … I may want to go back to it. Or my kids may want to do it with their kids. It’s something we did when the girls were younger, so lots of good memories. And we deliberately did not totally finish the big doll house so they could add to it when their kids were old enough for fiddly crafts.

      But hell’s bells, it doesn’t need to be cluttering up the best shelves, KWIM? Anyway, when it starts to whelm me, I go admire the 15″ of Best Shelf that I CLEANED and dedicated to my essential oil books and supplies. All that stuff was scattered in 3 different places in the house. Seeing it boxed and stacked, all nice and neat right at eye level makes me feel so EMPOWERED! lol

      And then there’s the business cards I finally got printed up. Such a stupid thing to be flummoxed by… especially since I have all the skills necessary to EASILY design and order them from an on-line printer. Five months … MONTHS …it took me to get over the psychological hump. Lots of growing up years filled with fat, stupid and “Who would hire you?” crap to overcome.

      But the cards are done and they look so nice! So I just go admire them and pat my little self on the back and go pbltttt at my childhood demons. Ha!


      • Chrissy: a lot of the significance of what you’re saying in the above is lost on those you have not shared your incredible background with, but since you have me, I totally know what you’re talking about, and you should give yourself BIG pats on the back. The rest of the world just knows you as the incredible talent and brains behind so very many of your unbelievable posts. Today’s, “They met their goals . . . ” was brilliant, and I just LOVE it when you give people like me talking points that ANYBODY can understand and not refute. you are indeed doing very important work!


        • chrissythehyphenated

          “I just LOVE it when you give people like me talking points that ANYBODY can understand and not refute.”

          That’s my goal. I know my work doesn’t always hit the mark. I go back sometimes and look at something, scratch my head and wonder, “What was I thinking?

          I love hearing when I do hit the mark. “Brilliant” is good LOL!! It also helps me to get feedback, gives me a benchmark for how well I am estimating my own work before I release it.


  8. I’ve been with you, both here and on the hikers ; ) We think alike.


    • Within the last year, as the result of a cheating sub-contractor we didn’t even hire, our family has lost 3 houses, a large sum of money, and gone through a bankruptcy, My husband is retired. I am permanently disabled. This happened at a time in our lives when it is not possible to recoup such a loss.

      What did we do? Let me tell you what we DIDN’T do: (1) print money, (2) borrow from the Chinese, (3) go further into debt, (4) attempt to expand our holdings, or (5) try to tell everybody that this was really progress and a sign of well-being, for which we (and they) should be grateful and proud. We downsized in every way, moved 1600 miles to a cheaper part of the country, and live in a house 1/3 the size, and 1/6 the value, of the house we’d lived in before–on a city lot instead of 10 acres.

      Don’t TELL me that this stupid, broke government can successfully operate, during a financial crisis, on the opposite basis and pull it off. We’d be in jail if we’d tried, not in government offices, with plush benefits, and cushy retirements. A plague on both their houses!