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Don’t act so disappointed,dirtbags








This book lays the entire economic crisis at the feet of the democrat party.

Question is:which GOP candidate will have the guts to say so?






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  1. Pistol Pete



    $#**&$##@ paste function gone wacko-I’ll try to finish later


  2. Pistol Pete

    Does anybody know of a gremlin exorcist?I STILL can’t get the paste function to work;when I copy then right click on the mouse,all functions pop up except paste.


    [White House exercise facility]

    MICHELLE: Well, come in, people. Geithner, Carney–get your skinny butts over here and spot for me while I press 250. Everybody else, pull up a mat and sit so we can start.

    JOE BIDEN: Huh? Why’s the Boss over in the corner in his PJs staring out the window?

    MICHELLE: Off the record. He’s stressed out. I’m running things until his therapist clears him for duty. Anybody got a problem with that?

    DAVID PLOUFFE: No Ma’m, but, uh . . . .

    MICHELLE: What happened? Yesterday, he had to layup on the first par 5 at Burning Tree and couldn’t choose between a 6-iron and 7-iron. Told his playing partners he wanted to sleep on it. At dinner, a steward asked what flavor parfait he preferred for dessert. Midnight, he was still muttering, “I like the strawberry, but the peach appeals to me, too.”

    BILL DALEY: Deteriorating decision-making skills. It’s worse than when I came on board. Hell, CIA knew where bin Laden was hiding since mid-2009. The President couldn’t pull the trigger. I had to use his autopen to sign the order okaying the Seal operation on Osama’s compound.

    MICHELLE: Hmmph. Didn’t have a problem deciding on those chili dogs and stepping on my nutrition message the other day.

    Enough rehashing. Nancy, some of your members have defected to the enemy on Libya and budget votes. I’m not happy.

    PELOSI: Noted. Leadership’s scheduled a confab tonight with the recalcitrants in Rayburn B113.

    PLOUFFE: But that’s the carpenters’ workshop in the subbasement.

    PELOSI: Correct. SEIU enforcers will restrain these people while I clip off their pinkies. I’ve engaged a Smithsonian preservationist to shrink the fingers and create a digital necklace for me to wear when I’m lobbying my caucus. By the way, I asked Anthony Weiner to come, too.

    MICHELLE: Why? He’s been a solid vote for . . . . Oh. I thought you didn’t believe in . . . .

    PELOSI: Anthony warrants an exception. It’ll be an extreme circumcision. I’ll display his appendage in a jar of formaldehyde on my desk with a label reading, “What happens when you think with your . . . .”

    MICHELLE: I get it. What, you’re leaving?

    PELOSI: Call me if Waterwalker over there gets back on his game. [exits]

    VALERIE JARRETT: Typical jab. She doesn’t fear the President. Nobody fears him.

    MICHELLE: Well, I’m not Barack. Bill, order the FDA to ban Botox for women over 70 because of a possible link to the development of megalomania.

    DALEY: Will do. Means less face time for her with the media.

    MICHELLE: Let’s move on. Harry, do you have a plan to get control of your troops?

    REID: Yes, Ma’m. Senate Democrats will vote to designate the late Robert Byrd as the Senate’s first posthumous Emeritus Senator, with limited floor rights. Disney’s Imagineers just delivered a Robert Byrd automaton for use in the Senate chamber. It’s programmed to say, “Those amendments are out of order,” and, “The rules permit reconciliation,” and, “The Founders would be livid at Republican tactics.”

    PLOUFFE: Some bad news: Ben Nelson’s threatening to become a Republican.

    MICHELLE: Debbie, have a DNC operative break into his condo this weekend and leave an ear of corn under his pillow—shucked. And a note: “Stay in our crib—or else.”

    WASSERMAN SHULTZ: An off ear he can’t refuse.

    MICHELLE: Tim, where’s your report on bringing the world together through American largesse.

    GEITHNER: Here, Ma’m. I’m calling the proposal, “Tax Americana.” Ten trillion distributed abroad over the next five years. Half raised through new taxes and raids on pension funds, the other half from my printing presses. The world will love us.

    BIDEN: Maybe. Right now we better start showing the world some moxie.

    MICHELLE: True. Bill, have Hillary inform Putin the President will be displeased if Russia establishes missile bases in Venezuela. Carney, at today’s briefing, demand Assad return murdered Syrian dissidents’ bodies to their families. Tim, straight talk to China: they buy more Treasuries or we’ll print so much currency, the bills they still own will become worthless.

    PLOUFFE: Looks like Palin’s getting in, Ma’m. We need to blunt her impact without turning women off.

    MICHELLE: Covered. Oprah’s on the ticket next year. Joe, we’re moving you over to State. Also . . . .

    [enter Attorney General]

    ERIC HOLDER: Sorry to interrupt, Ma’m. Just got a text from Brennan in Counterterrorism. Says an anonymous caller claimed a Somali, Nadif Osman, will bring down International Airways Flight 227 tomorrow evening as it approaches New York. He’ll board in Hamburg wearing C4 plastique shoelaces and detonate in seat F124. A man named Osman is booked on the flight, but he’s not on our watchlists.

    MICHELLE: Hmm. Anonymous caller. No red flags. That puts the ”threat” at the low end of the probable cause threshold, Eric. Without correlating the name to your predicate, we can do nothing. So, we give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

    HOLDER: Of course, Ma’m. But on the off chance he does try something and passengers attack and thwart him, ACLU attorneys will be on the tarmac to advise Mr. Osman of his rights the moment he disembarks.

    [in corner, Obama’s BlackBerry rings. He answers.]

    MICHELLE: Barack, I thought I confiscated all your toys. Who is that?

    OBAMA: It’s Chris Matthews – he wants to know what color underwear I’m wearing.


  3. chrissythehyphenated


    Sometimes my Norton makes my system run too slow, so I put it into Silent Mode. If it’s really jammed up, I also turn off the auto virus thingie until I’m done with my work. This usually does the trick.

    If you use Registry Mechanic, it does routine scans which can make your system suddenly go from fine to sludge while it’s running. I just stop the scan.

    Also, clear your history. If you’ve done a lot of browsing, your puter can be storing a bucket load of info you don’t care about. Dumping it frees space. On my system, this function is in the internet browser’s “Tools” drop down menu.

    If you do not use Registry Mechanic, google it, buy it, install it, run it and keep it upgraded. It’s inexpensive and makes an UNBELIEVABLE amount of difference in how your system runs! I got this tip for an IT guy. Best thing I’ve done for my puter since I learned to defrag.

    Speaking of which … have you defragged lately? If not, do it. And here’s another tip from my IT guy. Dump your Recycle bin first, then defrag your sectors leaving the C drive for last. As the other sectors defrag, they will put new info on to the C drive, then you will defrag all that, old and new, on the C last and your computer will run like pigs to slop. (Sectors are those places that are labeled D and E and F etc.)

    BTW, if you have not defragged lately, it’s going to take a long time. The C drive will probably take all night. Set that one running before bed. It won’t need any attention and when it’s done, it’ll just patiently sit there and wait for you to come back and say “Okay, well done, good and faithful defragger.”

    Unlike husbands and children who want you to hover attentively, handing them things and cheering them on every minute. Personally, I think my husband would have made a good surgeon, the way he thinks I should stand next to him slapping tools into his hands while he does repairs. But I digress.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Thanks again for your sage advice;I’ll try defragging if I can figure out what it is.I’ve never emptied my recycle bin and the only thing I’ve ever done is compress old files.(told ya I’m a neanderthal when it comes to this computer stuff)


    • A reboot works wonders, too, if you haven’t done it in a while. For pasting and such, I’ve started using the shortcut keys and find it significantly easier and quicker.
      Since x, c, and v are next to each other on the keyboard, it makes it easy to remember. X looks like a pair of scissors (cut). C is for copy. V is like a downward arrow (pasting it down). It takes a little bit of thought, at first, but once you get used to it, it’s actually a lot quicker.


    • FranklytheNut

      If I can learn to defrag, anybody can. My computer genius son (who did NOT get any of it from me) recommended adaware to look for spyware, because that will slow you down, too.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Thank you so much for the tips.I try really hard to bring you a post with things of interest to you every day.Its my way of giving back for everything you do for me.


    • Pete, your posts are great! I look forward to them every day.

      My computer is really old and really slow, but I can’t afford to replace it right now. I have to restart it pretty much every day (when the thing was new I could go for weeks and weeks without restarting), and I have to clear the history and empty the trash all the time to keep it functioning at all.

      As for using the shortcut keys for copying and pasting, I highly recommend it. It really does save a lot of time and aggravation.


      • I know that feeling. I just replaced mine in Nov/Dec and my old one had to be rebooted more than once a day, sometimes. My new one can go a week or more.


        • If the economy ever recovers, I’m going to replace this old klunker, but until then, I’ll have to limp along. I guess I should be thankful it works at all.


          • chrissythehyphenated

            I’ve been promised my kids’ old one when they replace it or deploy or something. Hope it’s soon. Mine works okay if I keep it defragged, rebooted yada yada. It’s just too old and slow for the videos that are so fun to watch. It downloads a little bit, then shows me that little bit, then download some more little bit, etc. Painfully tedious.

            I can’t stress getting Registry Mechanic enough. It makes the MOST enormous difference. First time I ran it, it took ages, but then I thought it’d maybe find an error or two a week. Not. It’s more like 4 or more EACH TIME IT RUNS. These little errors slow your system a LOT.

            My computer was getting impossible and I thought I had gotten too far behind the technology curve, which was distressing since I can’t afford to upgrade either. But my IT guy told me to get Registry Mechanic, which was affordable, and I’ve been doing fine ever since. That was a little more than a year ago, because I just renewed the one-year subscription.


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  7. In light of our recent nutrition discussions, I thought some of you might find this interesting…


  8. Ting

    That Detroit video was heartbreaking. Some of those homes looked like they were really nice at one time. It is such a shame – the builder in me saw potential after potential, from a strictly creative point of view. From an investment point of view, it would take someone buying miles of that neighborhood all at once and redoing the whole thing. I don’t think an investment like that would pay off for decades, if you could even get the funding. It takes people with jobs to move into them once you have rehabilitated them. Detroit needs to start some new manufacturing, without union labor. How about shoes? People need to buy them much more frequently than cars and furniture. The raw materials – leather – I think comes from farms and there are plenty of those near that area. One thing I have always liked about Todd Palin was that I read that he took up industrial arts education as his First Dude project. We cannot survive as a service only economy, so someone needs to start pushing investments in manufacturing pronto.


    • Detroit’s problems go way beyond the unions. As long as they continue to elect morally bankrupt democrats to run the place, there’s no hope they’ll have an upswing any time soon. I follow Detroit politics pretty closely and it’s not looking very good. There’s so much bureaucracy and red tape to get anything accomplished there that it’s near impossible to improve, or even start up, an industry. They’ve been trying to turn much of the abandoned land into farmland for several years now, but haven’t been able to make it happen. A lot of the local non-profit farmers object to the idea of using the land for large for-profit farming (which makes a lot of sense, right?), because they’re afraid it will detract for the “good” that they’re trying to do. Also, there’s concern that it’s being headed up by a rich white man (who grew up in Detroit, BTW), while more than 80% of the city is black. So, as you can see, unless they suddenly decide to stop being stupid, Detroit is going nowhere, fast.

      With that being said, it is not really as bad there as some would have you believe, but it’s not getting any better…it’s getting worse.


      • Ting

        I just can’t imagine why the “non-profit” farms would object to the other farming. There is something very fishy about that. It sounds like it boils down to power and control along with the stupidity and red tape. Tragic.


        • It’s because they view anything for profit (i.e. capitalism and big business) as evil. Where do they think the jobs are going to come from? I don’t know. There’s also some racial issues involved. Hopefully, it will go forward anyway and people will see positive results. It’s a major financial risk for the primary investor, since something this large has never been attempted before in an urban area. So, I hope it does well. The whole project sounds very fascinating. You can read more about it here…


  9. Defiant Weiner won’t resign

    Pelosi to Weiner: “I want your D.O.R.!” (Drop on Request)
    Weiner to Pelosi: “I ain’t gonna quit! I got nowhere else to go!”


    • Ting

      That is probably all too true – I read that he has never done any other kind of job. Pitiful, really.


      • Amen, RedPill and Ting. This is just one of many reasons why I generally scorn the super-prestigious Ivy League credentials that so many folks in government like to flaunt. They don’t seem to prepare people for real life, but leave them fit only for living at the expense of others. In that sense, they are a lot like welfare. (No offense intended to anyone here who may hold a degree from one of the Ivies; there are obviously exceptions to every rule.)


  10. chrissythehyphenated

    No offense taken :). As a former landlord in an Ivy League town, I can tell you the undergrads living on Daddy’s Dime were the worst tenants. They didn’t care if they lost the damage deposit, so ignored rules, manners, hygiene … yuck.

    We stopped renting to them, much preferring the welfare moms of toddlers who were struggling to get through school and find a job before their kids hit elementary age and their day care subsidies ended. These women were almost all running from abusive husbands and highly motivated to get OFF welfare. We watched out for them and they took good care of our property.

    They also respected their neighbors unlike the undergrads, who … true stories … cut little squares out of the screens (I’m told it was for a pot pipe?), play an electric guitar in an open window wearing nothing but a towel at three a.m., and suffer home invasions by “friends” who thought it was amusing to play basketball in the kitchen, over the apartment where the new baby was sleeping.

    We were so relieved when our girls married military men, not Ivy League slobs.