The Boy Who Cried Hack

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According to an article at HuffPo, the thing that may wreck Anthony Weiner’s marriage, ruin his career and destroy his reputation was “a typo.”

He typed “@” instead of “D.”

Again, according to HuffPo, it was “a rookie mistake” that turned a private message into a public tweet.

Really? His life hasn’t become a punch line because …

… he was sending a lewd photo of his bulging briefs to someone not his wife?

… he was wasting the tax-payers’ time (while cheating on his wife)?

… he lied about it for a full week?

Nope. It’s just he hit the wrong key. Poor boy! It could happen to anyone.

Oh, and guess what? Such mistakes happen “millions of times a day,” says an expert. It isn’t even necessary to hit the wrong key. Security flaws in the services themselves expose private messages.

He also used yFrog for the creep-tastic photos of himself that he was sexting to co-eds around the country. Apparently, anyone who ventured to this site (before Weiner deleted them) could have simply clicked through and seen all the photos he uploaded, regardless of whether or not they were publicly tweeted.

And it seems Weiner is no novice. He tweeted many times a day, frequently engaged his followers in one-on-one conversations, and … just to put the cherry on top … helped shape internet legislation.


Plus, on the heels of some of the most serious computer security breaches in history, he blamed hackers for his own mistake.

His blame game is concerning to some security experts, who fear accusations of this kind could take attention away from the seriousness of the threat from cyber attackers. (Anyone else reminded of Tawana Brawley?)

And if he was Rep. Anthony Weiner (R-NY)?  The Left would no doubt be screaming for tar and feathers.


The Twitter Typo That Exposed Anthony Weiner By Bianca Bosker – June 7, 2011|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2|69043


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9 responses to “The Boy Who Cried Hack

  1. How can he possibly stay in Congress and be taken seriously? He’s a joke, especially after that creepy presser, he’s not to be trusted, ever.


    • Excellent column by John Hayward, “Hypocrisy Is Not the Only Crime”:

      “It’s funny that Democrats never run for office on the platform they deploy to save themselves from scandal. They do the same thing as most Republicans: boast of their long, faithful relationships with their wives. They never run as groovy tomcats who think marriage is a prison for uptight squares. They only drag out their Sexual Hypocrisy Escape Cards when they get caught red-handed.”


    • If I understand correctly, his state is losing a few reps anyhow (after the census), so guess who’s probably going to go?


  2. Tim Kaine, DNC chair wants Weiner to resign. AND, I think Bob’s state dodged a bullet 🙂


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  4. Defiant Weiner won’t resign

    Pelosi to Weiner: “I want your D.O.R.!” (Drop on Request)
    Weiner to Pelosi: “I ain’t gonna quit! I got nowhere else to go!”


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