Lil Buzz and the Buzzy Bag

What a joy to watch him engrossed in something I made for him!! It’s going to last him a long time, too. The only skill he’s ready for is pulling the biggest snaps apart and he’s only at the “half skill” stage for that one.

Half skills are like when a baby can roll from tummy to back, but not back to tummy or pull herself up but not sit back down again. They demand an adult stand at the ready like an operating room nurse to “reset” the situation so the tot can practice the newly developed half skill again and again.

Lil Buzz worked hard at figuring out just where to hold his fingers to pull those intriguing snaps apart, then he’d hand it to me to resnap them so he could try again. He pulled the lace out (middle photo) by accident when he was messing with the snaps and after that he moved on to riffling the pages of his Mommy’s book. He’s been ignoring his own books lately in favor of grabbing adult paperback books to riffle. LOL

We’re having a kind of lazy day. Yesterday was a long one, with all the girls here for a Very Special Big Day. When I am a little more rested and a lot less whelmed about what they did for me, I’ll tell you about it. I’ve been trying to think if anyone at any time in my 5½ decades ever did anything so totally thoughtful and special. So far I can’t recall a single thing.


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3 responses to “Lil Buzz and the Buzzy Bag

  1. Auntie Lib

    Adorable!! I know you are having a wonderful time and we’re looking forward to hearing all about your very special day. Whatever it was, I’m sure you deserved every single bit of it!!! Enjoy!!!!


  2. Ting

    Can’t wait to hear about the Big Day. In the meantime, I am loving these glimpses of your visitor.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    It makes it twice as fun to have y’all to share it with! Mama and Lil Buzz are at a sleep-over at a friend-with-kids house an hour away.

    The Marine (Ret) had to go back home to her civilian job that’s too new to ask for time off, so yesterday afternoon, I had some QT with the soon-to-deploys then after I crashed from exhaustion, Dearest left his desk and they went out to dinner.

    Our sil is getting the ramped up tour of Special Places his wife talks about from her past. Yesterday morning they went to her elementary school where one of their old teachers is still teaching and three of their old classmates are now teaching.

    In the evening, they went out for “pizza that tastes like it’s supposed to” which I’m thinking is short for “not like it tastes where YOU grew up.” LOL

    I’m not sure what today’s got in store. We’re all playing it by ear, seeing who feels like what and when. Also Dearest is in his busy season, so can’t really just quit working while they’re here. It makes for nice, low pressure visits in between breaks for us when they go visit old friends and tour those special places.

    I’m trying hard to not think about what’s coming … the good-bye for a year or maybe forever.