His Princely Buzziness Hath Arrived!


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  1. Dee

    Baby Buzz!! So cute…..have fun Grammy!


  2. Auntie Lib

    Enjoy every blessed minute of His Buzziness!!! Hooray for babies, especially adorable ones like this little guy. Give him extra hugs for all of us.


  3. Ting

    It is fun to watch him grow from afar. The baby gate is pretty enough to be in a fancy garden, too. Enjoy every second.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Yay! I made serious progress today moving from “stranger examined out of tail of eye” to someone who got a big smile and bye bye waves at bed time!

    I’ve been following the Cesar Milan method for kids and dogs … ignore them until they are ready to approach you. It really works.

    Earlier today, when his Mommy went downstairs to bump the laundry (cruel woman!), he cried and cried and cried, so I started playing with his favorite new high tech toy … yogurt containers from the recycle bin … and singing The Wheels on the Bus. He came over and sat down and played almost near enough for me to touch him.

    Then Mommy came back. When he saw her, I could practically see the wheels in his head going round and round and the tears welling for a reprise of his Cruel Woman song until she’d comforted him and apologized profusely for abandoning him.

    My other big moment was when he told me he was done eating. He spreads his hands in the first half of the All Done sign and says Ah Dah. Mommy was talking on the phone, so he let me take the tray off and remove his bib. Then he pulled on the seat belt. I think he basically knows how to undo it, but hasn’t got the strength in his fingers yet. (He’s better at getting DVDs out of the case than I am!)

    So I undid the belt. But then I stopped cuz he hasn’t made any sign he was ready for skin contact yet. So I asked him if it would be okay if I picked him up and set him down and, you know, I think he had to ponder that one for a moment, then he lifted his arms up and I got him down and he ran off to Mommy.

    He’s such a joy!


  5. Here’s my “cute kid” story for the day… I don’t have any grandkids, but I have Lily, the 3-year-old daughter of a family friend. Lily has been coming to my house one day a week since she was a baby, so we’re pretty good friends. I love to read and she loves being read to, so whenever she comes to visit I drag out a stack of the picture books that my kids loved when they were little. Last week I was reading her a silly story called “The Wizard, the Fairy, and the Magic Chicken,” about three friends who are always arguing over which of them is the best magician. It starts out with the wizard bragging that his wand has a moon on it, whereupon the fairy brags that her wand has a star on it, and the magic chicken responds that his wand has a pickle on it. Lily looked at the magic wand with the pickle on it and said, “Well, there’s something you don’t see every day!”


    • chrissythehyphenated


      The girls were teaching our pregnant daughter about “pickles and ice cream” and she said, “I tried that once just to see what it was like. Not at the same time, but ice cream then a dill pickle. It was good!” LOL


  6. Big news: at last I am a grandmother. My grandson was born 5 weeks early. We will not get to see him until we have had our whooping cough shots. 😦 and we need to travel to Sydney to see them.